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    wrenchbender, are you my daddy?  When he passed I looked in his tool box and found a 1/4 " speed handle that was twisted 90 degrees there is no telling how big of a socket he was using to twist it like that.

    1. thewrenchbender


      Probably not. 

      Most of my wrench-bending days are behind me-been a corporate jet tech last 20 years. 

      Prior to that did charter/GA maintenance. Snap-on dude doesn’t sell many Piper or Cessna (or Lycoming or Continental) specialty tools.

      Lotsa wrench-bending then...

    2. Coop


      LOL!!  Dad was building Catalina wings for the government I think.  It was a long time ago.  I guess his arm wasn't long enough of something because he made a nut holder out of some heavy wire and a hole punch.  He had heart problems for WW2 so he worked as a mechanic when  supplies were almost none existent.  He always dreamed of getting his A&P license, but kids kept showing up.  

    3. thewrenchbender


      Warbird stuff is bad-azz. I tried engineering for 2 quarters (thought was more than just a lot of math) then did 2 years at a tech school to get mine. 

      First job was maintaining Beechcraft E18Ss (older than I was at the time) hauling auto parts, after 3 years was the Director Of Maintenance on the charter side, chief troubleshooter/inspector/customer service manager of the “shop” side...

      The whole married-with-children thing kept me away from scooters for about 15 years though.