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  1. Honda have the same system, you get 2 keys and can program a new key using either of them. I suppose that having a seperate programming key has a small advantage that if the bike is stolen with one key you can't program new ones. Whereas with the Honda, and similar systems, with one key you can add more. From memory the Honda HISS system allows 4 keys in total to be programed.
  2. WOW, I am surprised. I thought that immobilisers were fitted as standard worldwide. Is it a USA legislation thing?
  3. I'm sure I've seen that the USA keys have a smaller head than the european ones. Maybe that is the difference the European model has an immobiliser with transponder in the key, do the USA models have no immobiliser? That would explain why the USA does not get the red programming key.
  4. I think Paulo would be a bit tall for the MRA Vario. I'm 5'11" and at the highest setting it was just about OK, airflow was hitting just above my visor, I have added a 5mm spacer on the top mount, to increase the angle of the screen and this has improved the airflow to hit just at the top of my helmet. I still get a little buffeting at the shoulders. For a tall rider I think it will be a huge screen to give smooth airflow at helmet level, might be better to consider a sports screen so the airflow hits just below shoulder height, this normally gives smooth air at helmet level.
  5. Kickstand Plate Side Stand Pad Enlarger Blue For YAMAHA TRACER 900 gt Tracer 900gt mt09 mt 09 2014 2017 2018 2019|Covers & Ornamental Mouldings| - AliExpress Smarter Shopping, Better Living! Aliexpress.com Perfect fit, delivered to UK within 2 weeks. Don't forget thread lock on screws when fitting.
  6. So after hours looking at tank bags I ordered an SW Motech Pro Engage, ordered from UK SW Motech supplier £163.07 for bag and Tracer 900 GT tank ring. Delivered next day. Also included, with the tank ring, are 2 x risers, to raise the height of the bag above the tank. Included with the bag is a rain cover. Installation was easy, there is a thin metal horseshoe which is screwed onto the tank ring, replacing 4 existing bolts with supplied replacements, thread locked, (there are several bolts included of varying length you have to work out yourself which ones to use). Then you screw the plastic ring onto the thin horseshoe with supplied nuts and hex key, again thread locked. Unlike the EVO bags you don't need to drill the bag to mount the attaching hardware. The mounting hardware slides on rails and is locked when you tighten the screws, so you can easily change how far forward/back the bag sits on the tank. There is plenty of room on the Tracer 900 GT that the bag does not interfere with the bars or switches, or get in the way of my stomach 🙂 When empty the bag attaches, and aligns, easily to the tank ring, SW Motech claim the magnets allow easy mounting. In reality once loaded the bag needs to be carefully aligned to attach, I don't think the magnets make any difference to a loaded bag. Although you don't need to drill the bag for the mounting hardware you do need to drill if you want the internal security locking pin (not supplied). If you reposition the bag another hole(s) will need to be drilled for the security pin. Removal is the usual SW Motech design of a thin strap, that runs from the bag mount, outside the front of the bag through a flap to the inside of the bag. A ,hefty, pull on the strap releases the mechanism. I think the bag fits nicely with the Tracer. Photos show the bag at full size, usual all round zipper to increase the size. For me there is enough room for a days ride, expanded. Spare gloves, 2 500ml bottles of drink, a sandwich, a disc lock, a lock for the zipper (not the SW Motech lock but a short cable lock designed for suitcases), visor cleaner and other small items. There is a raised section in the middle bottom of the bag, where the mounting hardware is, leaving a depression around the outside of the base, like a moat. 3 elasticated straps on each side of the interior of the bag. In the lid is a zippered document wallet. At the rear of the bag is a covered slot that would allow headphones / charging cable to enter the bag. So no cutting the bag like the EVO range. The cover over the slot is a close fit and extends well below the slot into the bag so it is relatively water resistant. When empty the bag did not touch the tank at all, but loaded it sags down a bit touching the plastic at the rear of the tank so I think I will add the riser(s) to stop it rubbing on the tank. In use the bag does not get in the way of riding and I hardly notice it is there. Today I rode through fairly heavy rain for a couple of hours. I did not put the rain cover on as I wanted to test how water resistant the bag is. The inside of the bag got damp, not soaked but enough water entered to make everything inside damp. I have an MRA vario touring screen so the area the bag sits in is fairly well protected from the rain. The water appears to have entered through the material of the lid zip. It doesn't really show well in the photo but there was a distinct damp patch coming down from the zip area. Overall it's a good bag (for a comparatively huge price ( I would expect to see a Louis Vuiitton label on it at this price ) but it could be a fantastic bag with a few modifications: Make the release mechanism internal, it wouldn't take much to route the strap so it is not accessible from the outside. This would also remove the need to drill the case for the security pin (which is a pain anyway as it is at the bottom of the bag). This bag is never going to be as secure as a topbox, as you can just cut the material, but mostly what I want is to deter to opportunist thief. OK you need to know how the mechanism works but it's not a secret, and it is a bright red strap that almost screams pull me. Put a water resistant zip on it, or a flap that covers the zip. That will make the bag very water resistant. A zipped pocket inside the bag, for coins or similar. 3 minor changes that shouldn't cost much to implement.
  7. Riding last week I got caught in a torrential downpour, ambient temperature about 20°C, and notice the engine temp went down to 55°C. Today riding in heavy rain the engine sat at 60° normal riding at 40 - 60 MPH, ambient temperature about 15° Riding in hot weather was fine, upto 38°C engine temperature sayed between 80° and 106°C This seems strangely cool running in certain conditions. The only times I've encountered engines than run this cool is when a thermostat has stuck open. Booked in for 600 mile service for next week, mentioned this to the dealer (salesman) who said it was normal, of course he did. Can anyone else confirm they have noticed this behaviour.
  8. I just fitted Grip Puppies, even though the vibration does not bother me. i can still feel the vibration when I think about it but I see no real difference, the grip puppies give me a more comfortable grip by increasing the diameter of the grips. Again vibration through pegs if I concentrate on it I can feel it but does not bother me normally.
  9. Pyramid Plastics. After a ride through torrential rain today in Sussex, lots of crap washed into the road (nearly dropped it once on a downhill corner with rubbish washed across the road, somehow managed to hold it upright 🤥) Bike was spotless before this ride, 130 miles done from delivery on a very dry hot day, so don't know how bad it would have been without the hugger. Fender extender has done a much better job, radiator was still clean.
  10. Euro 4, that's what it says on my V5 registration
  11. Finest Chinesium from AliExpress: Kickstand plate Perfect fit on the existing foot, a dab of threadlock to secure.
  12. You also need Roy's T-Shirt from this image - RTFM
  13. What! The Yamaha radiator guard is not screwed on and is secured with plastic zip ties? I'm about to start negotiations to buy a new one and rad guard was one of the things I was going to try and negotiate into the price, but if its only held on with zip ties I'll give that a miss and get the evotech or similar.