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  1. I have one that fit perfectly. Totally black, tho.
  2. During the first 600 miles I have been getting over 50 mpg easily. We shall see what happens now, but for touring I expect to get about that. 200 miles is easily doable on a tank.
  3. Seeing if this tread is still alive. I live North of Atlanta and ride the North Georgia/Western NC mountains regularly. Looking forward to a trip down Skyine Drive and the BRP in September. The Tracer should be perfect for that (just got mine a month ago!).
  4. I'm 5'9", 165 lbs. Everyone is different, and the seat just doesn't fit my rear end!
  5. Welcome yantracergaz. Does the ga at the end mean you are from Georgia?
  6. I have the GIvi engine guards and I like them fine. Bike tipped over in the garage without incident. One note, however: because they run under the foot peg, I sometimes try to put my foot on the brake and my foot hits the engine guard first, and I have to move my foot slightly to reach the brake. This can be a bit unnerving in a quick stop. Of course, the more I ride with them the more comfortable I have become, but the first time I did it was kind of scary. For a second I thought the brake lever was stuck!
  7. Count me among those who would not recommend this bike for long distance two up riding. I sold my Super Tenere and bought the Tracer because even tho the ST was more than capable of loading up a passenger, I never do two up riding, and most of my riding is in the mountains. The ST was comfortable, but not as much fun to ride on mountain roads. I take two or three trips a year, but I never get on interstates. For me the tracer is a better fit for the riding I actually do.
  8. I tried in both settings. Actually liked the higher setting better. Still... just does not fit my butt.
  9. The bike is a 2020 Tracer GT. ...and I doubt I can afford to ship it across the pond. I was counting on spending less than $50 to ship it.
  10. I, too, have the tall Puig screen. I'm 5'9" and at the tallest setting I have no air in my face at all. The low setting is better for the twisties. Vast improvement over stock.
  11. Chromeburner won't take the seat back since I rode 150 miles on in. I just doesn't fit me and my misfortune is your good fortune. Essentially a brand new seat. I will sell it for $200 and I will pay shipping. I will post in the ads section once I make it to 25 posts.
  12. Glad you are here! I have found this forum to be very helpful and I'm sure you will, too.
  13. I especially like the footpegs on the bash plate. But yes... it was heavy!
  14. V-Strom 650. Loved that bike. Just can't beat it for fun per dollar spent!
  15. Super Tenere I traded in on my new Tracer GT