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  1. Wont be using it for many long trips. Mainly one or two so in regard by your comments i think i can handle then by geting seat, suspension, windshield.. Thx!
  2. Thx everyone, Will be geting one then! Have tried to sit on one with passenger!
  3. I Will be taking The bike maybe once or twice out on a BIG trip. So think it suits me well...
  4. Do u get bigger swingarm and cases with The gt? Or does The newer modells Come with öonger swingarm? Thx!
  5. Ok thx for answers, The gs is a bit out of my pricerange... So Will it be more viable with another seat? Or is its *touring limitations* in its chassi, Michiel?
  6. Hello! MY first time here on The forum. I am looking into buying a tracer 900 and I wounder, how valid is it for long rides (maybe like 2500km trip around europe). I am a pretty tal guy and I Will ride with a passenger, so is The tracer a valid recomendation by you? Best regards