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  1. Yeah will update comments as soon as I have a resolve from supplier
  2. Everything was as per instructions and multiple viewings of video Still waiting on supplier getting back to me really disappointed with unit and the after sales service hopefully by the end of the week I might have heard something Fingers crossed
  3. Afternoon everyone been a while I have just received one of these a week ago after ordering nearly 3 months ago Fitted on Sunday as per instructions and YouTube video guess what pressed the up button and got massive smoke rise from control /relay unit that is situated at rear of speedo Now I hope Puig read this I purchased from Silverstone motors who at the time were the only one advertising it no-one in the UK was Communication is shocking no one seems to know what to do and I am left basically with £550 of scrap Unable to get help have sent emails everywhere but no answer anyone here have any ideas where I should go now I would have preferred its amazing!! but unfortunately I will have to wait a bit longer to find out
  4. Yeah HJP61 thanks for doing that and also thanks for helping today rear brand new tyre and nail in tread after 12 miles Also made the mistake off running up rear wheel in gear so EML on now Happy holiday. Any of the Scottish owners got access to a code reader to put out my wee orange lamp ideally later today or Saturday morning Thanks WLC18