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  1. Hey, Thanks for your input! I would love to meet up and ride with you guys next time you plan something (once covid bites the dust)! With the mods I mentioned, my biggest battle is figuring out which to do first!! That's good to know about full system vs slip on, I've also been hearing that a challenge with exhaust swap is whether or not the centre stand can still be functional, which I dont want to give up! Im looking more and more into Hindle as I didn't realize they were so close and I love to support local!
  2. Hey Rob, Thanks so much for your input! First scrolling through the forum it appeared so many were from the US, I didn't realize that there were going to be this many from the GTA! You make some good to think about points in regard to the size of the city cases and considering a smaller windscreen for clean air rather than hiding! I'll definitely explore what it's like to ride with short (or simply remove mine first) before investing in a taller screen. As for the side cases I think im going to contact snow city and see if they have them on hand for me to look at the size. I was them large enough without being obnoxious!
  3. I'm actually in Whitby myself, and I didn't realize hindle was so close! Im going to give them a call today for a quote! Especially during covid, I would love to support local!
  4. I'm in Southern Ontario near Toronto. I've been thinking of looking into Hindle or Akrapovic but im trying to decide between a slip on or full system!
  5. Hello all! I've had my 2018 tracer for about 2 months now and absolutely love it!!! Can't work at a bike dealer and not scoop a new (to me) bike! Bought it at 1200km so virtually new!! I've been riding for about 4 years now and finally pitched the money to upgrade from my CBR300! Been considering putting some money into it and would very much value suggestions and opinions from those who have already modded and upgraded! Things I want to add/change: - new windscreen (wind buffeting on OEM is horrendous!) - fender eliminator (stock is obnoxious) - LED turn signals (why are the running lights all LED but the front and rear turn signals not??) - side cases (looking at the OEM city side cases and would like reviews! I don't have the GT so it didn't come with them) - exhaust (not sure if i want slip on or full system but would like reviews on brands and which would be more worth the money for look and sound!) If there's any tracer riders in Ontario that want to ride sometime or know some nice spots, let me know! Can't wait to drive this beaut everywhere!!