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  1. Ok so I think I am back to where it was I rote it yesterday all smoothly and no issues. I still have a small play at the clutch end. I mean is this true what this guy is saying, that you need to have some slack down at the clutch? Hope it's ok to post someones video. but this guy said he want to remove that slack down at the clutch, sadly he is not showing if there is some when hes is done at the levers I mean what I have is something like in the beginning of this video, but my "clutch arm" would not come back like in this video. I am not sure what I had to do to fix that ;/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx-74e7D_Yk
  2. So I changed back to to OEM levers they seem to function same as the other lever. I tried to adjust the engagement point and it's basically same as on the changed one. I wish I was smart enough to have checked how it was before I used the teflon grease as recommend in the manual on all metal on metal. Going to test ride it with the original lever and see how it goes. If not I have a service coming this month so will ask them to help me out. Feeling unworthy and frustrated
  3. Hey. No I was thinking of doing that but went with Pazzo lever they supposed to be great. So I am not sure if I am stupid or smth is wrong
  4. @Lone Wolf normally I would agree I am a new rider and I may not be great at my sifting, but I was riding this bike for a month before without any clutch smells. It only started when I changes the lever. True it could be change of lever that effect my riding but I would say I operate it better than before, as with stock it was bit far for me. Such a fail with such a simple thing, but I hope with all the help I am learning ;]
  5. @Lone Wolf The engagement and shifting if fine. There is no issue with that. Unfortunately after I changed the lever and rode for first time I smelled my clutch a bit, so I worried about the adjustments. I tried riding now and if it seems ( I am not 100% sure ) if I push back the lever when it doesn't return all the way I feel no smell. I am such a noob and also super noob that I didn't check how it was before I changed the lever, but I went to a dealer and checked new 2020 Tracer it seemed to have very small free-play and thus the "arm" at the clutch would not move. I can achieve that on mine by making my free-play super small as @koth442 mentioned. Very grateful for all the help. I need to fix this as I am not riding my bike because of this ;/ will be reverting back to the original lever in few hours.
  6. Hey thanks everyone for suggestions. I tried all the suggestions but it seems same no matter what I do. I will try going back to the original lever and see if the issue persists. - cable adjuster screwed to make more freeplay resulted in lever not returning even more - disconnecting the cable it had smooth operation no hickups I would be surprised as it only has 3k km on the bike - loosening the pivot bolt maybe helped but at a standstill on cold engine the lever doesn't go back even with it loosened completely
  7. Thanks for the answers. I was wondering so what your suggestion would be? To adjust so there in no free play at the clutch and then adjust the lever free play? Or just make a free play of the lever smaller?
  8. So @GTO MIKE you are saying there should be no free play down at the clutch? And it should snap back on it self? e I have free play on the lever around the amount that is in the manual. Except these are not stock so I measured the gap near the bolt rather than at the end of the lever. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I have a question about free-play on the clutch lever for the Tracer 900 2018. I seen a lot of videos and read quite few topic and there seems to be some different points of view. I changed my levers and I am not sure if the free-play should be down at the clutch. Some people say that the bottom arm should return all the way without any free-play some say there should be some. Here how it is now ( I basically have to push the lever up to get the bottom arm back to place when I release it smoothly ) You can see here that after releasing the clutch I can still putt on the bottom arm. If I release it quickly it goes back all the way. Overall there seems to be a small free-play without touching the clutch lever Is this normal or should I adjust it to have no free-play somehow on the bottom and recommended free-play at the lever? Thank you!
  10. Hi, Thank you so much for your help. I guess that was my mistake the left side I was able to loosen but the right side didn't moved so I was confused. I thought I need to loosen the top screw. Because on the left the was a small gap between top and bottom parts so I thought that was allowed me to loosen it. I hope I didn't tighten the right side too much Also thanks for the tip about the bold on the ends. Thanks again everyone!
  11. Hello, I am trying to change my levers and I ran into a small issue. I am new to DIY motorcycle so sorry if it's a noob question. I have to remove them to access the bolt in the lever. But the top bolt is so tight in there and I am not sure what to use to remove it. I have a socket set but they don't fit there. Is there some specific tool I should have.
  12. Yes that's what I found and it was 300$ so thought its a great deal, but if it doesn't help me apart from being convenient to adjust I should probably look for better options. Thanks
  13. Great thank you all for your support. I guess I will be hunting for a deal on aftermarket shock. The person selling the OEM GT shock actually was super nice and basically told me that he changed it because ridding 2-up with stuff OEM was not enough. He also mentioned that respiring would almost cost the same as buying after market. Thanks again for all the tips.
  14. Thanks a lot for taking your time to help me. That is shinning some light for me. So I don't understand then what are the benefits of the remote preload? I was under the impression that you adjust it depending how much wight you put on the bike. p.s. how to I know what spring I have?
  15. Hey. Thanks for the input, I was thinking because I will be able to adjust it on a fly it would help me to set my suspension correctly for the weight I would carry at that time. In other words it would make it easier to got from single rider to 2 riders to 2 riders with luggage. I am very noob in mechanics so are you suggesting "correct spring rate" as in changing just the spring on a stock sock? thanks