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  1. The biggest hurdle has gone today,Sold my versys,nice bloke travelled down to me,paid and rode it away,now just got to get my dealer to "find"me a silver one before the next batch comes over in November.Happy but as i get older i am not patient so don't want to wait 2 months.
  2. bowlin01,Unlike triumph who charge the earth and the dealers are mostly incompetent,with yamaha the dealers are great so i am spoilt for choice,usually use Alf England in Bedworth[nr coventry] and Flitwick yamaha.
  3. wintersdark,I agree totally that the engine in the tracer more than punches over it's weight,certainly better in every way than the versys,BUT unfortunately yamaha seem to think that style over function is where it's at,otherwise why would they put a tiny "headlight" on it,totally the wrong shape,[pushbikes have a longer beam] and in our country only one on at a time,this is the ONE reason i sold my beloved mt10,could not see a thing in the dark,going down roads on bikes i have been going down for over 40 years and catching me out ,the "light " was so bad,and now they have gone and put it on the new tracer,i don't think yamaha think/care people go out in the dark anymore,but i can put spotlights on it,better than not being able to ride the big versys.
  4. sabre85,i know what you mean that has always been the tracers achillies heel,i loved my original tracer but could only take 170kgs[TOTAL] thats both people and luggage,me and my mrs were 200kgs so when she sat on it it went down so much it was like riding a chopper,the new tracer 9 has 23kgs more payload and even though that is still 7kgs less than we need,the tech said they build in parameters of + or - 25 so we should be alright with the new one,its just the massive loss of my one month old versys maybe over £3000 in your currency 4000-4500dollars loss in a month,madness,and in england they say there is a massive shortage of secondhand bikes,i can see why when they are worthless after a month.
  5. Thanks,roadrash83,if i sell my current bike my dealer has run out of the silver one's so will have to wait until november,but i'm prepared to wait.
  6. Currently got a kawasaki versys,but with my body telling me this is physically too big and heavy,had a go on the latest tracer 9 GT,its got the same bhp as my versys but is 100lbs lighter,physically much smaller and a lower seat height,crucially i rode it for over an hour and i did not know i had even been on it so that is the bike for me,just have to put up with the headlight [the reason i got rid of my beloved mt10] but i figure a set of spotlights is a small price to pay because i won't be able to ride my current bike much longer,it is only been for sale 1 day and i already have interest and a really good deal in place for the new bike,so all looking good,cannot believe how they made it so grunty[torquey] my sort of bike.Now they have made it capable of taking more weight the mrs is looking forward to it too.
  7. Good man,nice to hear and there is not much difference i am told,also you can get the dealer to upgrade yours with the latest suspension settings making yours an even better prospect.
  8. The price in the summer was $22,746,i got it for $17,487.
  9. Today is a sad day,they are coming to pick up both my bikes and i have to go and get my new bike next week because they are waiting for my matching topbox to arrive.But even though it's winter here the 70 mile ride home next week will turn into 150.
  10. Hi,It is a 2020 model and i got an amazing deal because it was the last one for this year,they were £17,199 in the summer,i got mine for £13,495.
  11. Thanks everybody for all the nice comments,that's why i enjoyed myself on this forum.
  12. It will be my 8th Ktm,they have all been reliable,must be the way i run them in,even the big single i had they said it will drink oil,mine never drank a drop.
  13. I have gone and done it,traded in both my yams for a Ktm 1290 superduke GT,I thought if i could have a tracer with the engine of my mt10 it still would not be able to take any weight,this new bike's payload is 243kgs so even though i am heavy it is meant for 2 up riding with luggage and the suspension is semi active,i have enjoyed my short time on here,i have luggage to sell to any members in the U.K. other than that,thanks to you all.
  14. When i had my mt10 done it was only 6 weeks old,it's only 5 months old now,but i am not worried about warranty,i am not paying to have my bike "serviced" every year when some years you might only do a 1000 miles.