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  1. I hope they don't go with the stupid little headlights i have on my mt10 because they are crap.
  2. Hello Andy,only been on here a week myself,worcestershire is a great part of the U K to live and enjoy your new bike on.
  3. The red key is for re-programming any new keys if you lose one or if you bend it in a pannier or if your existing black key plays up you can re program them,if you have not got the red key over here in the uk,the only way to sort it is to buy a new ECU that comes with 3 coded keys and these are £1500,so you just don't buy one over here without a red key.
  4. Tripletrouble,Thanks a lot for the offer and all the advice.I am really enjoying this place.
  5. I can't say for sure but my other yamaha i bought new 3 months ago and that has a red key,so i think your dealer is pulling a fast one and maybe lost the red key,i would find out for sure because a new ECU is £1500 and i personally wouldn't buy it if it is meant to have one and it's missing.
  6. Thanks BBB,you and stew have potentially saved me a lot of money and searching for things that don't work.
  7. yes i liked the 800[had 4 of them] but sold every triumph i ever owned all for the same reason,they are 4 times more expensive to service than my yamaha and when i go to my yamaha dealer you can see all the mechanics behind a massive glass wall [nothing to hide] serviced by people who know what they are doing unlike at least 4 triumph dealers that i have dealt with who i would not trust to blow up my tyres.
  8. Getting one that was gloss was my priority over everything,when my mt10 turned up with primer grey panels and mudguard i was taking it to bits as he was unloading it,all the latest tracers are matt except the GT but it has the same small clocks that put me off having the mt10sp,i couldn't read half the numbers,so went with a gloss blue[the best tracer colour ever imo was the original red]
  9. yes thanks stew,we are on the same wavelength,i am going to get one from a guy on ebay £33.
  10. Hi Stew,Thanks for the tip,i will try one out.
  11. I heard they were very vibey because of the new firing order,i hope that isn't the case for you,iv'e just had to sell 2 bikes in the last few years because of this but i also heard on the new tiger the vibes are quite high up in the revs so you should be ok.
  12. Hi,I have only had my very low mileage tracer a few weeks and i bought it for doing distance on BUT it has the most uncomfortable seat iv'e ever had on a bike,my other bike [mt10] i bought a comfort seat for it and have gone from 80 miles to 400 mile days,so i asked the dealer if i can get a seat for the tracer and they have been discontinued already bike is only 3 yrs old,so i wondered if the 1 piece seat from the mt09 would fit as you can still buy a comfort one for them,i could always get my seat done with a gel insert but they want close to £300 for rider and pillion,anybody found a solution please over here in the uk or has a dealer in the U S still got one.
  13. I can now see why there is no UK tracer forum,nobody has posted on any of the uk threads for ages,i like the H cafe at wallingford just south of Oxford,there is one much closer to me [less than 15 miles] the super sausage on the A5 but i had the worst breakfast ever there.
  14. Thanks everybody,for the welcomes,it's official i get it this coming thursday,it is used but looks as new as my other bike as it has only done 1100 miles,picked it over the latest model as i hate all the latest yamaha paint schemes,so this tracer is 3yrs old but in a lovely gloss blue,can't wait and catlanta the ga in my user name is gaz short for gary.When i get it i will be able to finish off my profile[i am in England]