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  1. I am equally fascinated at how speeding violations are handled internationally. Just curious as to how it works in Amsterdam. If you get a speeding ticket in nearby Belgium or Germany does that go back to Amsterdam somehow? I've got a friend who a few years ago went with her parents to Australia where they got a speeding violation in Sydney via speed camera. Friend is Canadian but family is originally from Hong Kong and she resides in the US. Somehow Sydney notified Hong Kong authorities (instead of Canadian or US authorities) to notify her in the US that she had a speeding ticket to be paid in Australia. I had no idea that Australia and Hong Kong had data sharing agreements like that internationally.
  2. Exactly. Hence my surprise especially since in Florida you have to be 30+ over posted legal speeds to be considered reckless.
  3. Since you were right at 30 mph over posted legal speeds is probably what triggered the drivers education programming as a requirement for reckless driving.
  4. Interesting - my understanding of "reckless" driving is greater than 15mph over posted legal speeds or 80mph and over in the state of North Carolina. In Virginia it's 20mph over posted legal speeds. In South Carolina, "reckless" is 25mph over, and in Tennesee and Florida it's 30mph over. Hence my surprise when my coworker got her license revoked for a 15+mph violation in Florida when she resides in NC.
  5. Hoo wee! 55 in 25 at the west end of Tail of the Dragon would have gotten you applause at my riding club meeting. 😃
  6. Not sure I follow. My understanding of the definition of double jeopardy is: "the prosecution of a person twice for the same offense". To me, if I paid my out of state ticket along with going to driving school for that violation, then that should not result in me getting my license revoked in my home state (which to me feels like double prosecution for a singular offense). Would you mind clarifying?
  7. Ok fixed everything such that the Aurora module fits in a little compartment area under the rear pillion. Had to drill in a small hole in the side tail plastic to allow the Givi tail light wiring to go through. If I had let the cable sit between where the pillion seat rests up against the tail I was afraid that over time the cable might wear through or be damaged due to repeated cycles of compression. Equipment and tools needed Included zipties to keep the wiring tidy, my Shimano steel cable cutting tool used to cut brake cables cleanly for my road bicycle, wire stripping tool, small flathead screwdriver, power drill with bits, were a must have to ensure tight connections to the Aurora. After verifying that both drivers seat and passenger pillion had no problems with seating, fired up the ignition and was good to go!
  8. Oh that's why. So basically the system exists to catch the most egregious motoring offenders and prevent the most vehicularly challenged from being able to just exercise their revoked driving privileges in another state e.g. The logic being, If I caused vehicular manslaughter in one state then that should preclude me from being able to drive in another. While I understand the logic, I think the trigger could be flawed in that one could plausibly have a speeding ticket in Texas, say 87 in an 85, which would not be considered reckless in Texas, but could be in my home state of North Carolina or Virginia where anything 80+ is automatic reckless. I'd be at the mercy of Texas DMV not to send that kind of violation back to my home state DMV where it could trigger an automatic license suspension.
  9. Stock Niken sound check and exhaust.
  10. Wow I thought that was photoshopped until I saw this: So Texas really does have an 85mph speed limit. So any ticket above that would probable automatically revoke your license in your home state as automatic reckless driving??? How speedy is your state? Is your state a speed demon or a slowpoke for drivers? Cars.com Editors...
  11. Interesting -my NC motorcycle says this - no mention of any two vs three wheeled category.
  12. My coworker got tagged in Florida about two years ago doing 80 mph on a 65 mph highway. She ended up paying the Florida ticket and going to driving school. Thought it was case closed. Just recently she got a letter from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles indicating that her drivers license was being automatically suspended and that she had to mail in her drivers license or it would kick in additional penalties and fees. At first we thought it was an identity scam but after investigating further, learned it was legit. Apparently the Florida and NC systems operate on a data update lag which only recently passed the data pertaining to the Florida speeding violation. Because it was 80 mph in a 65 mph zone it was categorized as reckless driving and under NC law automatically considered reckless driving with automatic revocation of license. She now has to go through a lawyer and allow the penalty to expire (approximately 6 months) before she can get back her license on a restricted status basis so she can drive again. Her only other option was to file an appeal with the NC courts and incur ~$1k USD in court and legal fees to contest and hopefully get her license back. I know that Virginia had a similar reckless driving status at 80 mph, not sure if Virginia and NC share data in the same way that Florida and North Carolina do. I confirmed separately that North Carolina and Georgia have a similar data sharing agreement and it would not surpise me if South Carolina had a similar setup with NC. My question is this - isn't this considered to be double jeopardy? If you already paid the price in another state where the violation occurred and did driving school too, how does your home state have the right to penalize you again?
  13. Your awful experience brings up an alternative concern, if I were to ride through your state, could I theoretically be stopped and ticketed as a non resident for not having a three wheeler license? I have a valid motorcycle license from my home state.
  14. Wow - I did not know Washington state has additional licensing by displacement! Is it only two classes e.g. Under 500cc and more than 500cc? And I hate to ask but is there a separate licensing within three wheelers by displacement as well e.g. Above and below 500cc for three wheelers?
  15. Interesting topic that came up in another discussion thread where a fellow member indicated that in Washington state, USA, one actually has to have a separate license for operating a three wheeled motorcycle. https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/gettrike.html The law in Washington state appears to be the result of special handling requirements needed to safely operate a Ural or a traditional three wheeled trike e.g 3 wheeled Harley Davidsons, and Goldwings. Incidentally I learned something new since NC does not require a separate license to operate 3 wheeled motorcycles. I do know that, in parts of Europe, in Slovenia specifically, you have to get a separate license by motorcycle cubic displacement classes. E.g. Certification and training in a 150cc bike is very different vs a liter bike,and my Slovenian friends were surprised that I could ride any displacement motorcycle with my single NC motorcycle endorsement. Question to everyone - do you have to have a separate license for a 3 wheeled motorcycle and/or by displacement where you are?
  16. I checked the Washington State website and while they don't expressly mention the Niken by name, they do mention the Can Am Spyder and Piaggio MP3. Now I've ridden the Piaggio MP3 before and spiritually the Niken is closer to the MP3 vs a fixed 3 wheeled trike. My assumption is that the Niken is considered in the same category and as such, in Washington state one must have the 3 wheel license in order to ride. The law in Washington state appears to be the result of special handling requirements needed to safely operate a Ural or a traditional three wheeled trike e.g 3 wheeled Harley Davidsons, and Goldwings. Incidentally I learned something new since NC does not require a separate license to operate 3 wheeled motorcycle. https://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/gettrike.html Additionally Washington state law defines the following under which the Niken would be considered as applicable. RCW 46.04.330: Motorcycle. Could be worse, in parts of Europe, in Slovenia specifically you have to get a separate license by motorcycle cubic displacement classes. Certification and training in a 150cc bike is very different vs a liter bike.
  17. Visor Down video of an in depth look at the Niken front end engineering.
  18. Is Niken more expensive to service for MT-09 by Bennetts Bike.
  19. Cycle World Niken GT dyno test. How Much Power Does The 2019 Yamaha Niken GT Make? Cycle World dynos the 2019 Yamaha Niken GT for peak...
  20. Ok a few notes on my Aurora distribution module installation. 1. Connecting the battery terminals was frustrating only because the nuts that retain the bolts that secure the positive and negative cables kept falling down into the guts of the bike. Between having to use a magnetic tool, grasping claw, long headed hooked pick, or a combination of all three, I spent a stupid amount of time just trying to get the bolts into the nuts. What compounded the issue was the unusual backside of the battery posts that allowed for an option between top mounting or side mounting of the connecting terminals. Because of the mounting flexibility, if you try to mount from the top, the bolt sits on a half ledge where if the top bolt doesn't come down exactly correct then it drops into the little edge and usually falls down into the guts of the bike. Lots of swearing and scraped knuckles later I finally got it connected. 2. Live wire to the tail light is the brown. Positap it and you're good to go. This part was confusing because there are three cables ( yellow,brown, black) that then runs to a connector where it changes colors to blue, black and yellow before entering the tail light housing. Tapping into brown before it converts colors at the connector was the key for me. 3. Good news - wiring works perfectly. Bad news, if you try to mount the Aurora on top of the battery, it's too tall to allow your seat to sit correctly in its grooves. So now I have to reposition the Neutrino in a different spot and rerun all the wiring under the steel frame cross members again. There's a small area closer to the tail of the bike that is a compartment area for small items that I'm going to repurpose for the Aurora. However, this area is not water tight, so I'll need to mount the Aurora with connectors facing down so if it does get hit with water, then the terminals won't pool water. Take deep breaths - almost there.
  21. Got it. Brown is live - tapped into it this weekend after I got the positaps in the mail. Good news is that the power distribution module works. Bad news is that the Aurora power distribution module is a little too thick. So much so that my stock seat won't seat correctly as a result. Have to figure out a new place to mount the Aurora and rerun all the cables again. Almost there!
  22. That looks so much better than stock. I didn't know you could get one flood one driving light configuration - did you specify that during ordering?
  23. Niken GT vs Tracer GT comparison video:
  24. This is the only video I've seen so far that tests the maximum lean angle of the Niken.
  25. In theory he technically has more clearance since he hasn't scraped pegs - but watching him throw the bike into turns compared to other regular motorcycles with two wheels I can only imagine the tossing effort being more pronounced at parking lot (slow) speeds.