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  1. Currently using a KLIM Latitude Misano (that model is no longer available) - bought it lightly used in like new condition off of Adventure Rider - Ride the World. Adventure Rider is the center of the adventure motorcycle riding world... forum. Previously had been using an Aerostich Darien which needed to be replaced. Love the KLIM jacket - very functional. During the summer months I wear an Olympia textile/mesh jacket. On the Adventure Rider "flea market" gear section there a lot of nice lightly used gear advertised.
  2. Looks good! Might have to order one after the holidays. Currently have a tail bag mounted on the rear seat and have to remove the bag to get the rear seat off and then fiddle/readjust the straps after mounting the rear seat and tail bag. By mounting the tail bag to the T-Rex rack, would have easier access to removing the rear seat. Thanks for the heads up on this product!
  3. Klim Latitude Misano jacket and Aerostich Darien pants. Have a pair of BMW Goretex gloves that work great in the wet/cold to keep the hands warm & dry. Ed W.
  4. Yes, they are signal only. To make myself be seen, I always run the headlights on bright during the day and also run my Clearwater Darla lights w/ the yellow filter lens covers. Ed W.
  5. This is what I used on my Tracer 900 GT - not dim at all. Sequential/Dynamic LED indicators for Yamaha Tracer 900 (2018 - 2020) This pair of LED indicators featuring high visibility scrolling light will...
  6. Did 1st oil change at 665 miles today after doing a 190 mile ride this morning. What did the factory use to fasten that oil drain bolt - red thread lock and superglue? Thought that the plastic oil fill cap was cheap/cheesy looking. Ordered a grey anodized aluminum one w/ O-ring from AliExpress to replace it.
  7. Old guy here up in Kerrville - no need for the rest of ya'll coming up here since there's no good roads to ride here in the hill country.😁
  8. Monkey see, monkey do. Just ordered one. Should be here in time for the 600 mile oil change.
  9. 1st day after bring my 900 GT home from the dealer I noticed the odd fit of the radiator hose(s) and thought about riding back over to have them moved up. Glad to see that it ain't no big deal (other than the aesthetics).
  10. Put the OEM Yamaha tank pad protectors on the Tracer today. Found the Madstad windscreen had been dropped off by UPS later this evening. Plan to install that tomorrow and then dial it in on a test ride. Ed W.
  11. KeithQ, you might need to change your avatar! That ST1300 was 3 motorcycles ago!😉
  12. Welcome from another new owner and new member of the group! Ed W.
  13. Practiced removing plastic panels on the new 2020 900 GT. Placed seat in high position. Put on a pair of Grab On foam grips to increase diameter of hand grips and help quell any tingling/vibration to the hands. Ordered Heed crash bars w/ bags from their website. Ed W.
  14. Stumpy, I had Terry redo the seat on my Super Tenere on a ride-in appt. Nice guy who is meticulous w/ his work. After a few hundred miles found the foam to be too soft and felt like the wings were collapsing. Ended up w/ a used Russell (nirvana!). I had Seth Laam redo the seats on my FJR and Ducati Multistrada and will have him fix the Tracer seat. Rod, the Multistrada 950 had perfect ergos for me. The Tracer is a little more "compact" but I had adapted by the end of the ride today. Ed W.
  15. Thanks everyone for the welcome. Rod, I'm using a Nelson-Rigg tail bag and don't have plans to mount a rear rack/tail trunk. Took a 200 mile ride in the Texas hill country today and here's my observations so far (6 ft tall, 209 lbs, long upper torso): Engine pulls good, smooth shifting on the transmission (only used the quickshifter 2 or 3 times going to 6th gear), easy to zip through the twisties, dash display (despite being small) is easy to view while riding, stock tires had good grip even when in the turns over tar strips. Nitpicks - wish that the brakes had more grab/bite, after 200 miles my ass & the seat weren't friends anymore, could hear music via the Sena streaming through Shoei Multitec ll helmet (have bad hearing) but need a better windscreen - trying to decide between medium size VStream or 24" Madstad, miss the extra suspension travel of the Super Tenere & Multistrada. Ed W.