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  1. I ride the coast roads and the inland roads once a week. the coast are still the same and around the lakes are a little torn up from the fires, but still fun.
  2. I stoped at the bridge Friday on Berryessa Knoxville and saw two trucks pulling jet ski boats going straight towards Lower Lake. I guess they thought it was a direct road to Clear Lake. Wonder if they’re still there stuck in a creek crossing.
  3. I've had Corbin seats on 4 of my bikes and been happy with all of them. The last was a 2011 Ninja 1000. I would ride it for a couple of weeks, twisties, up hills , down hills, then go back to Corbin and make adjustments. It took 4 trips to make it perfect. I lived in the Bay Area, right below Alice's, so it wasn't that long of a ride down there. Moral of the story, the people at Corbin will do whatever it takes to make you happy satisfied customer.
  4. You have probably lived in the bay area at some time. Some of the roads listed are local gems.
  5. Coming from Quincy, we take Challenge Cutoff Rd. ( I think) and Bucks Lake Rd. back to Quincy. Great loop.
  6. Quincy La Porte is more twisty = more fun
  7. Called the dealer in Petaluma Ca. in Jan, still no parts. If Yamaha is sending out recalls they sure as hell should have the parts ready.
  8. Got my letter Feb 1st. Called the dealer a few days later and they ordered the part. Still waiting. Is Yamaha out of the part?
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I will go to the old “tighten by feel”method then check with a torque wrench using average values from past experience. About 80 ft. lb. rear axel—20 ft. lb. drain bolt. If anything falls off I’ll post it. 😅
  10. Time for new tires for my 2020 Tracer GT. I looked for the torque specs for the axel, calipers, etc, but only found them for a 2015 FJ-09. Are there any updated specs? I question the 108 ft. lb. rear axel and the 31 ft. lb. drain bolt. Thank you for any information .
  11. Thanks guys. Some of the auto parts stores wanted up to $4 a fuse. I found a box of 120 assorted from Amazon for $8
  12. I'm putting together a tool kit to cary on the bike and need to know what type of fuse does the Tracer use, mini or standard? Thanks for any help