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  1. PROTEZIONE MOTORE SKID PLATE NERO per Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 900 XSR FJ-09 15-19 A7 Engine Guard Protector Bash Plate Skid Plate For Yamaha Tracer... I bought it from an EU located vendor and it came rather quickly, like 2 weeks or so. Again, for my intended road use it is sturdy enough. I might drill new holes though to relocate the skid plate a bit further back, it leaves a big gap in front of the headers. Might be because Scorpion headers have different shape than OEM ones.
  2. Following a forum member's advise and having just installed a ebay knock off, I must say that for my street usage the skid plate seemed solid enough. Installation was rather easy, no instructions but used the SW-Motech installation guide. I will change some screws provided with the kit though (typical with chinese eBay cheap parts). Road grime, gravel is not going to damage it for sure.
  3. I will but I still can't see how it will fail. Unless you mean it won't be strong enough for protecting during of road adventures. I'm not planning on doing any of these, just a cosmetic upgrade and to protect from road grime...
  4. Still quarantined in Greece so no rides for me. So, I decided to remove the Powerbronze bellypan and I fitted a SW-Motech (copy) skid plate. Not the best fit in the headers, I assume it was designed for the OEM headers, I might drill some new holes for nicer fit. I also installed a rear brake fluid reservoir protector. I got the beak from painter too, so back in the front, firmly believe it compliments the looks of the Tracer.
  5. I'm selling my Bagster seats for 2015-2017 MT-09 Tracer (or FJ-09) they came with the bike but I went for something different. A bit lower than stock. The rider seat has a defect, rear tab is broken. Perfectly usable though. There are also signs of wear in the fabric. Passenger seat is very good condition. 130 euros for both plus shipping. Thank you!
  6. Finally, I didn't get the cartridges, they were sold to another guy who was faster than me....That said, it looked like they would work according to online parts catolog that I studied.
  7. I got my bike with Bagster seats, they're firm at first but nice after a few minutes, didn't have the chance to ride much Passenger seat looks really comfy. I like the fabric too. I'm gonna sell it though as I found it a bit lower than stock (and red stiches don't fit my grey Tracer).
  8. Yes, I agree that it's a problem but to pay extra money for a one-time adjustment is a bit to much for me. I could well buy the better version of any shock with compression and rebound. That said, I haven't seen any shock to have the preload on the bottom. Ohlins has rings at the bottom but there's too little room to adjust.
  9. I saw some better pics on FB, there are some interesting updates to the bike. Adjustable Rearsets in two positions with bigger rubbered footrests, radial MC, M1-like winglets. Seat looks comfier too... Sure a nice upgrade to the bike, personally I don't like the front. Pricing would be crucial, reports indicate a hefty increase which won't, IMHO, help sales.
  10. I've been searching for various suspension updates on my bike but for the rear shock I had decided to go for a low end aftermarket unit (Wilbers, Ohlins etc.) without hydraulic preload. I don't ride with passenger so I only need to set sag once. I've just realised though that the preload ring on most of the shocks might be unreachable when the shock is fitted, as it is always on the top of the shock body. Well, that's a problem....
  11. Way better than the previous setup! I had the OEM SW motech lights but I don't travel at night often so I removed them.
  12. Yes, I'm locating the correct hole in the rear part of the seat. Still, when locked the seat moves a bit (as the metal bracket of the seat allows it inside the lock). I guess that's a normal-ish thing??
  13. Yes, I understand but I found a set of GT cartridges locally for a low price WITH Ohlins springs. I believe if I can fit them, it would be a good upgrade to the stock 2015 forks for a lot less than the options you mention. We'll see, it seems that I'll have to go searching...