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  1. Doh! I just changed the oil last night. I suppose I could catch it and pour it back in.
  2. THe seller did a pretty good job of setting the bike up it has: Madstag Screen / Brackets New Clutch Cable It's been flashed by some outfit in Wash State FJR Saddlebags with a professional Paint Match ( with luggage inserts ) Braided Steel brake lines all around Electronic Cruise ( works Great! ) Front fender color match painted an extended OEM Tail Box Bracket / Rack. I really miss a tail box for the misc stuff ( water, gloves, wallet, etc., etc ) I'm trying to decide between a oem box or just getting a little soft bag for the tail and getting use to the side bags. They work fine but need the key and are a little less convenient than having it on the tail. I changed the oil last night and have an appointment for new shoes next week. I'm thinking about a new saddle. I'm only good for about 45 minutes on the stock seat before it starts to come to my attention.
  3. Thank you Skip!!! I have the FJ -09 Service Manual and I couldn't find anything on it other that they were reversible. Question: I need the risers off to see if the recall was done, correct? I want no paint on the bottom of the riser?
  4. I have a new to me 2015 FJ 09. The original factory bars are in the post which are slanting reward or in the low position. I'm 6'3 and have the seat in the high position. It seems like I'm leaning into the bars to the point that I'm doing a slight push up as I ride. After a while, my wrist begin to tire. 1) Thoughts if switching the bar post around may help? They will be taller but farther away if I have it envisioned correctly. 2) I see how the bars are removed but what needs to be done to turn the post 90 degrees. Is there a bolt head under the bars? I couldn't find the detail in my shop manual. Thanks, LB
  5. Thanks for all of the feedback. I'm thinking I get a good street tire and ease through the gravel when necessary. Now, which toad tire? I'll start reading!
  6. My new FJ 09 has the OEM Rack and Base Plate installed. No Case. I'm guessing the Yamaha OEM Case will fit on it but do I have other options as I begin shopping? Bonus Question: Is the a Classified section of this forum? I'm a new owner and thought I'd look around for a used one as people seem to change out cases for one reason or another. Thanks, LB
  7. Hi Pete, Mind sharing the Mods you went with?
  8. I just purchased a 2015 FJ 09. The front needs replacement and rear still looks good for a while. Question: I will need to ride gravel on occasion. It’s 1.5 miles of road to get to my destination and the road will cycle from fresh gravel to old washboard and back as they service the road a few times each year. I’m not looking to set any speed records but will need to travel this route on a fairly regular basis. 95% + of my miles will be on hard surface. Thoughts tire selection? Would you select a tire based on this occasional use?
  9. Hi Folks, I just bought a used 2015 FJ 09. I hope it’s what I’m after. I look forward to learning from the collective wisdom here. LB