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  1. Heated seat has me sitting a bit higher on the bike than the stock seat. Not a huge difference, but the low position of the adjustment now feels about equal to where the high position was before going to the heated comfort seat
  2. Could... SW motech actually makes a mount that connects to the daypack if I really want to go that route too
  3. Main thing for me would be mounting it a bit higher, once I put my tankbag on the center of the bar is right at the edge of the sight line
  4. Rode through a bunch of states after the travel restrictions got lifted Having done that I find having a filter reduces the allergy crap I deal with on a ride. Might actually make it a standard part of my EDC gear through the worse air quality and pollen count days. Didn't find it very restrictive at all, although I'm used to wearing filters from my old workplace so YMMV...
  5. Had to take the seat bracket off to get the power wire. 4 allen bolts. left the seat locking mechanism attached. you can try to unbolt it, but mine is either glued or welded in place, likely glued and you don't need to fully remove it, just move it aside.
  6. Looks like Printed Parts makes the mount I was thinking of. I'd want to remove the ball mount and attach the Beeline Moto directly in that spot...
  7. I'm considering adding this or something like it Motorcycle sat nav ... A little while ago I saw someone had made a mount for attaching a ball to the windshield adjuster without needing to drill through it. I can't seem to find the post that contained that, but I'm wondering if someone could make a means to mount something like this to the adjuster handle without needing a permanent nor sticky modification to the bike?
  8. In our lovely we need masks now world... I can fit a proper KN95 headstrap respirator under a modular helmet. Not sure I'd try getting a non modular helmet over one. Plus one on the glasses thing too.
  9. Generally speaking in the US they are not allowed to invalidate a warranty d/t you doing your own work... Catch is you need to document it. IE keep your receipts on the materials and keep a log of when you did what. *This is not legal advice, I am most certainly NOT a lawyer, etc. etc.* Had the local shop do mine, Est price was $280 US without the throttle sync, $430 ish with it. Labor rate around here post covid at 125 an hr. Found one place under that by a little, but they are scheduled 3 weeks to 2 mo out.
  10. Shoei Neotec or Neotec 2 when I have the money, HJC whatever modular fits my head when I don't :) Both are good, Neotec is quieter with a bit better sun visor and I think its a bit easier to install a comm in.
  11. Added the tankring and the radiator guard cover. Tankring install is really easy, radiator guard is 4/5 busted knuckles dificult. First service done. Added the Hardbag mounting brackets and cases on order 2/5 on difficulty.