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  1. I was close to buying a Super Ten over the Tracer GT, but was ready for a change away from ADV machines. Yamaha really needs to bring the weight down on it more like a 1250GS, and that engine is capable of more HP and torque for sure.
  2. Look awesome petshark, I can't decide between the long or short levers.
  3. I was having quite a few issues with 2nd to 3rd upshift regardless of RPM, I adjusted the linkage up some and now it shifts like butter.
  4. Well damn I stand corrected......still needs a big update though IMHO.
  5. For 2 up you will wanna upgrade the rear shock for sure, in particular with your size and liking to ride agressive......by the way, these are not good 2 up machines IMHO.
  6. My front lever is very firm with little take up and reacts quickly, odd that there are very obvious different results from others. My brakes are very good and responsive as is, can only imagine will be even better with some Galfer HH. Oh and for the record.....I ride plenty aggressive.
  7. Yes it's done as we know it, just hoping that a new variant might emerge.
  8. Hopefully Yamaha comes out with a new heavily updated and re-designed FJR1300, but of course the same needs to be done with the Super Tenere as well.
  9. Is that USB outlet with LED voltmeter water resistant at all?
  10. Seat.......what makes you feel the suspension needs upgrade, has it been at all adjusted for you yet?
  11. I have a few friends with BMW's "1200GS" and they've been every reliable as my Japanese bikes, and as for maintenance they do their own no problem. The boxer is either loved or hated it seems, but from 18 to current they are no slouches.
  12. Now this girl might just be the ticket, for sure what I would be writing a check for. R 1250 RS | BMW Motorrad Each tour is determined by two factors: the time and the distance...
  13. I said that same thing.......and here I am with another chain drive bike, just not many good options with a shaft unless you go Bavarian.
  14. Shield came in yesterday, very high quality, looks great and cannot wait to try it out.