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  1. Few short weeks of Midwest riding season? 🤨
  2. I don't feel or notice the grip buddies seams, I either installed them correctly or just used to it. Heated grips work amazing through the buddies, and closed cell means unlike the puppies they don't get water logged.
  3. OEM front tire does this, and improper sag set for suspension.......mine was just like the OP until I set my sag, keep tires 38F/40R, and replaced the awful windscreen with an MRA sport touring shield. All my previous unstableness is gone, but I still feel a hop/wobble at times from the front tire. Your clutch lever hitting your guard isn't right, sounds like the guard has shifted out of place, and make sure your clutch lever free play is within spec.
  4. Corbins will most certainly break in, yet another reason why I love them.
  5. At least you have the good roads going for ya......
  6. Same bag I have and it's fantastic, holds more than one would think and very high build quality.
  7. Chain should be perfectly centered on the sprocket if aligned/adjusted correctly.
  8. Yikes I bet that makes the front end very light and skittish!!!
  9. That doesn't sound right, last time I ordered Ractech springs they came with PVC spacers. ❓
  10. Racetech springs are generic and come with included PVC spacers, you just cut them to what you need....or go with Sonic Springs and just drop them in.
  11. These are the best out there...yes I have tried them all, and these are the ones to get. Welcome
  12. Turn off traction control......and it will happen.
  13. Just a slip on doesn't make much more lean, full system is when that really starts happening. I don't believe these engines are that choked/lean from the factory "more like borderline", I have owned bikes which most certainly were however.
  14. Have a very reputable upholstery guy just up the street, gonna see what he can do for me before I start going aftermarket.
  15. I've owned race twins, inline 4's, big singles and now my first crossplane 3.......this is by far my favorite engine bar none.