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  1. Not meaning to sound like a smart ass, but do you also run Yamaha oil in your GT or whatever other OEM oil for the particular bike you own at the time?
  2. Been running K&N oil filters for years on multiple bikes with ZERO issues, now running them on my new GT as well.
  3. Well.....I made a small adjustment to the clutch lever free play, and a fair amount of adjustment to the shifter linkage by bringing up the shifter a bit higher. What I got was a DRASTIC improvement in my overall shifting, didn't have a single issue on my ride today and the QS is now smooth and not banging at all like it was.
  4. I just moved mine to the high mount, feels better than the low mount and is a bit more leveled out.
  5. Plenty of great connector options, so it's not a hack job. I don't make changes to my bikes and take much consideration of who might have the bike next, but yeah I do tend to do things right no matter what I've done.
  6. I have a pic from when we could actually park behind the falls, sad to see they've done away with that option now.
  7. I'll likely be going with PR5 or Angel GT when the time comes, the 222 are not awful.......nor are they good however. LOL
  8. One of my favorite areas to ride in the country.
  9. Could always cut the wires going to that connector and use whatever you like to connect them with your gadget of choice, I've done that on more than a few bikes I've owned.
  10. I previously owned a 2005 and 2006 1000, went with the 650XT model new back in 2015. The 650 is obviously better off the beaten path, but yeah the OEM suspension and brakes are simply awful.
  11. I took mine places I shouldn't have to be honest, and damn they suck to pick up when they fall. The biggest issue with the Strom is lack of ground clearance and a budget suspension "650", where the 1000 is better in the suspension dept for sure and honestly doesn't feel much heavier. But with proper tires, bashplate, engine guards and a big set of balls.....yeah they are capable off pavement. Get an Africa Twin or KTM 790 for that kind of riding, both are heads and tails better off pavement than a Strom, but the Stroms are dead reliable for sure and have a huge following and massive amounts of parts/upgrades available.
  12. Looks like a good adventure, what's your top case and top rack mount set up?
  13. I don't find it that bad at all, just needs to be a tad bit deeper back and wider for me.
  14. Well damnit looks like I need to add this to my farkle list!!! LOL