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  1. Beside changing OEM seats for Corbin (it fits like a glove btw.) I installed highway pegs.
  2. I do have adaptor and you know where to find me when you need it. Ps. I run my 2017 on few occasions in second gear pretty fast without any issue.
  3. Thanks. And yes definitely better at the end than at the beginning of riding season.
  4. Lucky you. I had to finish my riding season month ago when I broke my hand.
  5. Particularly for foot pegs and hand guards. Please contact if you have them and you don’t need them.
  6. Black / silver Tracer parked in Port Dover today (Sunday, 31st of October) shortly after 1 pm. About half of an hour later another dark colour FJ09 / Tracer (couldn’t tell from the distance which one) at the same parking lot.
  7. Actually maximum level mark is right on the top of the glass and not as you marked it with red lines.
  8. Turn the ignition key on and off 2-3 times and then try to start it. On today’s ride I stopped for a coffee. After about half of an hour I jumped on the bike. Ignition on. Turning but not firing up. 2 turns of the key on and off it started. It’s been not the first time. Perhaps 5-6 times within a year of ownership and 43 000km. Disappointing. The same happened maybe 2 times in my 10 years of owning 13 V Stroms. Just saying.
  9. Took her for a ride and couldn’t believe the difference. Like day and night. So smooth and quiet again. I didn’t even realize until first stop that I wasn’t wearing ear plugs 😀
  10. Thanks. I know what you used. My question is where you got them?