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  1. I hope you didn’t jump on your bike after few…
  2. Seems to me V Strom 650 might be the right bike for you.
  3. Go for heated grips. Bigger diameter and extra benefit - heat.
  4. Still under the warranty?
  5. You wake up in the middle of the night wearing the helmet.
  6. Yes indeed. Picture was taken 22nd of March this year and normally in March this area is completely covered with snow and not rideable (low temperatures too).
  7. So you must be familiar with 15th Side Rd as well. That’s my favourite one in that area.
  8. Size S current model. Like brand new. Price of new is $900 + tax. Asking $590 or will trade it in for the same jacket in size M.
  9. Size S current model. Like new condition. New is $900 CAD. Asking $590.
  10. Planes, Trains and Motorcycles. Oh sorry, wasn’t it Automobiles?
  11. Piotrek I was talking about Side Rd 2 which is kind of extension of Lower Base Line and Eglinton and what you are describing you were farther North. I was there earlier so maybe you saw me. Any way are you in Mississauga? If the answer is yes maybe we should meet one day and ride together. And your name seems familiar to me too😀. My originally is Rysiek.
  12. Spotted 2 FJ09 on my ride today. First red (with matching Hepco&Becker panniers) in Belfountain around 2pm and then another red one around 6.15 on Side Rd 2 just West of Tremaine Rd. going West. I was on dark blue FJ09 going East.
  13. No problem. As you said Shinko 705 front which is good on gravel and ashfalt (and inexpensive) and last 25000-30000km. I didn't want it on the rear because first (and definitely last one I had on V Strom) was good only for 14000km. Dunlop Trailsmart should be good for about 22000-25000km. I prefer front more aggressive because grip of the front on gravel is more important than on rear. Generally in my opinion matching front and rear is not important.