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  1. As long as someone else also got 7mph in gear (clutch pulled in) and took 6-7 revs to stop with foot (didn't i tell you it was weird? ) , i can stop worrying ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™‚๏ธand go for a ride ๐Ÿ‡ And thanks a lot for going through the pain to do all this just to bring a fellow rider to peace
  2. Enquiring and curious minds indeed In gear with clutch pulled in, both before and after ride it spins at same speed 8mph. It stops putting foot against tire but it takes an effort (of course 'takes an effort' is relative)
  3. Thanks for the reference. However if its just oil drag then it should slow down after engine/oil heats up. In my case it spins equally fast (8mph) whether engine is cold or hot.
  4. Mobil-1 10W40 oil Clutch slack is OK. It starts to engage only after i've released slightly less than half way. Cold in neutral spins just a bit, but 8mph in 1st gear with clutch pulled in is baffling!
  5. ok, here's the update. It didn't stop after warming up (after 1 hour riding)! Even with hot engine it spins at same 8mph. Something to worry/fix now?
  6. Thank you everyone, i think i should stop fretting about it!
  7. yeah it feels a bit of work to roll backwards, that's why i was worried if something is wrong. Thanks for sharing your experience!
  8. haha i found it during lubing the chain itself
  9. 2016 FJ09, Bike on centre stand, when i put 1st gear (clutch pulled in) the rear wheel spins at 8mph at idle throttle. Release the clutch completely and it still spins at 8mph. This is with cold engine at around 65F ambient temperature. I didn't check with warm/hot engine yet. Is this normal clutch drag?
  10. Hello fellow riders, After doing a day trip on rented 2002 FZ1 i was sure i have to start riding again What a bike it is!!!! Picked up a 2016 FJ09 couple of months ago and have clocked 2000 miles on it already Got to see San Francisco Bay Area like never did in last two years!! Completed oil change, chain adjustment/cleaning/lubing, cables lubing, etc and ready to roll again before rain gods descend down here in bay area. See ya around......