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  1. Installed my Gerbing heated gear plug. Not crazy about the look of the location but it works and is out of my way when sitting on the bike. Winter officially starts here Monday. Put the Yamaha touring windscreen on it as well. Hate the look of the thing but it does the intended job, keep the wind off me. Cleaned up the chain real good. On the fence about my tail bag on the rear seat. I think I need to order the SW Motech tail rack and move it there. Just hate adding a few more lbs for a tail rack that will replace the cool passenger grab bars I kinda like to use when moving the bike around.
  2. Very good trailer I’ve had one going on 14 years now. Everyone I know wants to buy it lol
  3. 25 years never had that happen! Yes first one piece leaked a bit in crotch. Followed the procedure on the phone and no more issue. New one is even better just bought it last year rode in it for 7 days to key west and back no issues. I’ve looked at the Vietnam made stuff that’s so popular now. No comparison in feel and quality. Only thing similar is the price lol I’ll ride my stitch to the 6’ hole.
  4. Made in Vietnam all I had to see. Yes I have many friends who’ve bought it. 25 years with aerostich and I’ve had not one issue with a zipper, fading yes,some Velcro failure after 10 years, oh well, fit yes I lost weight and had to rebuy it all.
  5. Aerostich but it doesn’t fit everyone off the shelf, I’m not the everyone though. 🤪 I prefer the Roadcrafter one piece always have. I have the two piece but rarely wear that. Down to 65 degrees I’m in my Vanson Sportrider jacket!
  6. Picture of my T7 which had the same big pumpkin ugly yamaha issue signals. This is the Cyclops which is white on DRL and you tap postitap rear brake light wire for a light show when you hit the brakes on the rear.
  7. Cyclops I’ve been In contact with them. He said the T7 specific kit should work. I have a T7 with the kit and I think the wire leads will come up short on the GT. Easy fix with wire, soldering gun and heat shrink though. It’s plug and play on the T7.
  8. Low fruit hanging with the ADV riders lol I do the same thing ....
  9. I have two trailers and a toy hauler that I use. Ones a two bike Kendon that folds up and is kept along a wall in my garage. Rarely use it cause I have to use straps with it and I can’t see it behind my truck. My 6x10 open trailer has two Pitbull restraint plates on it and no straps needed. I use this trailer quite a bit. The toy hauler has a 8’x9’ room on the tail that has two Pitbull restraint plates and two Pingel chocks if I have to use a bike with straps. Primarily use the toy hauler if my wife goes but I have used it on my own when the weather is not tent camping weather. I rarely do the long ride to a destination. My last big trip was Key West this week last year on my Africa Twin. I trailer my bikes 95% of the time. As I’ve gotten older the big nice comfortable 3/4 ton diesel truck is just way better to get somewhere quick trailering and not be exhausted when I arrive.
  10. I have the Akrapovic and yes they come straight down not angled back like oem.
  11. I assume none of these pans/plates will work with aftermarket headers?
  12. I installed my dual USB port. Cannot wire it up for power yet still waiting on my gray plug to tap power to the plug behind the dash. Had to take a dremel stone to the port hole. Why it was a 1000th to small to accept a very common item is beyond me. But 10 minutes later it was installed with no drama. Ebay tracking says I have until dec 4th when my plug arrives. No big deal it’s an easy access to get at. Unlike my Tenere 700 which the whole headlight has to come out to even get at the back of the spare socket hole.
  13. I owned a 2016 Tiger 800 XC, motor was just ok. It made a lot of mechanical noises. The fuel tank came rusted up and became an ordeal to get replaced. Triumph was no help. I didn’t keep it long. Sold it to a friend and he had all sorts of issues with rear wheel spokes breaking. Compared to the triple Yamaha engine there is no comparison from the Triumph. The Yamaha engine has a lot more motor without all the mechanical noises. The WP suspension on the Tiger was not any better than what’s on my GT. Braided steel brake lines were nicer on the Triumph. Build quality goes to the Yamaha.
  14. Ordered the Yamaha Tracer radiator guard. On backorder of course. Oh well maybe one of my riding buddies on their big powerful ADV bikes won’t pop a hole in my radiator during the two week wait.