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  1. No I used some nylon spacers but don’t recall the exact length. I do have pictures I’ll post. Basically the spacers and longer mounting bolts were to take up the recess gap on the tracer hand guards since they’re not flush like the Ktm hand guards these are intended for. You just can see the nylon spacers in first picture. They make up the gap in the recess on the hand guards and put the Rottweiler mount flush with inside of hand guard lip.
  2. Most if not all torque wrenches can be off +/- 5-6% so that is one way to approach using one. I personally only use one on axle bolts (not the 108 yamaha requires on rear axle nut) and that is about it. I go by feel from many years of wrenching on motorcycles with mostly aluminum nuts bolts and pot metal hardware.
  3. The Rottweiler mounts with CRG arrow mirrors Rottweiler Performance Quick Flip Mirror Mounts (Arrow Kit) The best Adventure bike mirrors! \Not a straight bolt on to the hand guards. You'll need longer mounting bolts than come with the kit and some nylon spacers sourced from your local hardware store.
  4. I've had my Handy lift for10 years. Only issue was right out of the box my foot pedal controller blew apart. Handy replaced it no more issues.
  5. I was headed up that way 1st week of june. North GA area to be exact. I may hold off a little longer. It was looking doubtful for me anyway before the pipeline issue. It has rained here so much the last month and half my inground swimming pool project for my wife is two weeks behind schedule right now. I can't leave until it is finished and landscaped around it. Plus the fencing needs to be up around it. Right now it is a muddy mess behind my house and the pool is no where near completed.😫
  6. The CP2 engine in the Tracer 700 is a much smoother power plant than the CP3 power plant in the Tracer 900. Tracer 700 has the same engine as the Tenere 700 and I had one of those for 9 months and 3700 miles. Great engine and very smooth running! Enjoy the Tracer 700, it looks very nice in the matte blue color.
  7. With the current SE US fuel situation due to the pipeline hack. I’ve resorted back to toting my rotopax 1 gal fuel can. Moved Nelson rigg tail bag to rear seat and mounted the rotopax to my SW Motech tail rack. Did a similar thing back when I had a Concours 14 and I went on a trip during a hurricane created fuel shortage few years back. Simply 50+ miles of insurance. Or extending the misery which ever way you choose to look at it. Lol I’ll ride locally like this until the current pipeline situation gets under control.
  8. Well like I said the wiring harness on the 2020 will pull through the holder clip on the side of air box. Once that’s pulled through it’s a simple slide out of the slot on top of air box lifting the two tabs on top of air box slot. Reinstall is the reverse.
  9. Busy day today. I went ahead and mounted my new Bridgestone T31s I bought real cheap from RMATV back first of March. My decel front end wobble is completely gone with the stock Dunlop tire off the rim.
  10. I never disconnected it and it was no problem getting it out or back in.
  11. Just pulled the wiring harness through the gap on side of air box and it slid right out.
  12. Started my first throttle body sync check on my bike. Not bad at all so far. About 30 minutes to get to them. Found one issue of concern and it happened during the bikes build because none of this has been off since I bought it new last november. Top valve cover vent hose up to bottom of air box twisted in a fashion that it had two kinks flat in it. I’ll reposition that properly on the reinstall process. Luckily I don’t have in oil leaks due to the hose being partially plugged in two spots. Basically the hose was twisted. Still early morning here so I’ll fire it up and get the engine warm later on today and check the balance. Wife works 2nd shift at a hospital so I don’t want to wake her up this early fiddling with my motorcycle. So far not a hard motorcycle to work on. I’ve seen way worse. It just rolled over 5k miles yesterday. Some noticeable vibration up past 6k rpms so they may be out a little. Idle is a little lumpy as well. Outside that it runs great as is!
  13. I need to mount a set of new tires on mine. Only problem it is only mid 60s here today and tires are usually harder to mount in cooler temps even inside. I have a miserable 4900 miles on the stock Dunlops which are all but bald from edge to edge on the rear. I bought a set of really good priced Bridgestone T31s from RMATV back 1st of march and even got a $50 rebate visa on them. Looking forward to a new set of tires on the Tracer.
  14. I have the Nelson Rigg commuter sport and love it! Started out using it on the rear seat but since added a SW Motech tail rack which it fits perfect on. I use a Givi Tank loc tankbag (smallest one they make) as well. No magnets and nothing touches the tank.
  15. Reviving this topic, I don’t like Yamaha’s version of QS on the GT. It just does not work very good at all imo. I’ve had add on QS setups for years on my road race bikes that worked way better than this oem Yamaha unit. That said my 21’ GSXR 1000R has the oem QS and auto blipper and it works amazingly well! Has two levels of sensitivity and in 2nd level you just bump the lever and it shifts either direction very smooth. No hard thud in the drivetrain like the Yamaha does. I don’t particularly like the auto blipper feature mostly due to just not growing up with it all these years. But man the Suzuki QS is super nice. Nice pop out the exhaust when it bangs the shift. I adjusted the GTs shift lever and found no improvement with the function of the QS. In fact i have let others ride the bike and they said the same thing, not a very smooth QS on the Yamaha. Feels like you are damaging the transmission. So I rarely use it on the GT. 1st to 2nd gear is the worst as is 5th into 6th on my bike. I wish it had at least an adjustment level for sensitivity like the Suzuki has. On my race bikes we could adjust the kill time in the software. We always set it at the bare minimum to get the quickest shift possible on the racetrack. I wasn’t worried about damage since it was a racebike. All were Suzuki’s anyway and they seem to have the best shifting transmissions anyway. Never had one break in 20 years on track.