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  1. yes i did it myself, i thought it would be easier.... as you know already, 2 hands and vinil +heater + the part moving, hard asf...... but i managed do make it before running out of vinil hahahahahha =D and i think i like it more because of doing it myself i thought about plastidip, but i thought it wouldnt look as perfect as vinil because of spray patern and excess etc, maybe i'm wrong !
  2. that is exactly wht i've told him, but he told me to watch the tyre move, as the disc gave 1/2mm, as he hold the brake and push the front, and the thing realy moves...in my case it seems to be that
  3. hey guys, talked to a mechanic few days ago, he says that the noise we hear are the front flutuating discs that get some freeplay, what you guys think of it ?
  4. hey, i'm ordering Black matte Vinyl to transform the "fins" from the Grey and White Tracer Gt, will post photos when the job is done probably next week, hopefully it wil look good
  5. my fellow country man you mentioned has passed away this year, on a crash in Dakar.. ..2020...
  6. @betoney thanks!!!! those are the kind i'm looking for except those stunt bars, they look really protective also..
  7. do you know if the frame is diferent from the old tracer and the mt 09, i like those bars stunt style, but i only find them for the mt 09 and 1st tracer models, are they really non compatible? like these ones ! i like the look of those..
  8. i' ve been searching for a kit of sliders, the best i've encountered are these: only for USA https://www.oesaccessories.com/store/p939/Yamaha_Tracer_900%2F900_GT_Front_%26_Rear_Frame_Sliders%2C_Fork_Sliders%2C_%26_Spools_2019-2020.html have any of you guys have a solution or a brand to lookout for ? Thanks
  9. just lost the left one due to vibration while riding.. just flew off... now i need to buy anouther one? or can it be used without the lock, just for transport (excluding safety on parking) (i was thinking on a method to turn the litle lock to the handle via top side withouth the key lock in it...) the bike i bought used, and the waranty expired 3 months ago.
  10. if you come to portugal when covid settles down let me know!