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  1. I have done the same test, with the same gauge 😉 . One disc is almost perfect, and other disc is on the limit to spec shown in service manual. Also done that test to wheel rim itself, found little bit bent in one place, but no vibration's wihle riding. On my wheel rim those unpainted surfaces is in the same hight level with wheel rim side surface or if you look at mid between unpainted surfaces, where disk rim side plate has some left edge's ( from mashining I guess ) it is even at higher level than unpainted surfaces. Maybe it was bent somehow, and then mashined and repainted. Could not know that now , but fact is , brake discs is way to close to wheel rim center, and looks like sometimes even touching inner side of calipers . Other way is to leave those washers which I have instaled, and hope there won't be any problem on agressive braking. So far I have done about 2000 km. with washers installed, had no problem. But safety first, so dont want to leave like that.
  2. Yeah, both discs are installed deeper in to wheel rim. On my foto's there is installed 1,5 mm thick stainless steel washers between rim and discs, to get them more in center of the calipers.
  3. Thanks 👍, now I see, brake disk is clearly out farther . I guess , I will go for a new wheel rim.
  4. Hello, A bit of history... I have 2016 mt09 tracer (Europe), bought it 1,5 years ago, with 24k. kilometers on clock and done 16k. km,s on it. Few months ago, just before my last 3 day 1500 km trip I was checking brake pads, all fluids and so on. And.. spotted interesting think, front brake disks was not exactly at the center of brake caliper,s , discs was allmost touching the inner side ( closer to wheel center ) of brake calipers ( don,t know how I didn,t see that before.. ). At that time, I ended up with taking off brake discs and putting about 1,5 mm stainlles steel washers between discs an wheel rim, to get discs almost in center of calipers. Now, I was doing big maintenance 40000 km, valves, filters, fluids, and other. And as it is winter time, I want to solve problem with front brakes. Started to inspect all and I spotted some strange edges on wheel rim. Looks like the former owner of the bike, for some reason, had trimmed a surface on a wheel rim, where brake discs is mounted. The paint looks like original, but on the wheel rim side plates, between brake disk bolts, I can see some left edges from trimming. Question is, can some one make a foto or measure the distance of the front wheel plate where brake disc bolts are, to see how deep brake disc is sitting on a wheel rim. And if someone could measure the distance between front brake dics, would be a lot help . Looked like bike didnt had any accidents, but now might need a new front wheel... Sorry for my english