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  1. I balance it out at stops...delaying turn-off since running it keeps the coolant flowing through the engine. I suspect that the internal temperature actually goes up a bit when you shut her off. Had a classic car that did that.
  2. Its nice to have but its just as easy to mess up the 1-2 shift and end up in neutral at 9000 RPM...ask me how I know.
  3. Nice to see that we are not left out in the cold here in the Great White but that site seems useless....I tried my VIN and while the front brake switch recall does show up, it doesn't indicate whether the recall was performed on the bike. (which it was, on mine......7 weeks ago....) Also, if you don't enter "the correct" postal code, you get: "Invalid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) not found or invalid" So to check an older bike you may be interested in buying used, you are probably gonna be SOL
  4. Another FJR...funny, I am leaning in the opposite direction from you guys, I'd be open to migrating from the Tracer to the FJR at some point
  5. Wow I'm 5 minutes north of Lakeshore/Cawthra. Thx very much but I wont need the cable, not gonna do this.
  6. I can tell you that rider ergos will be different.. On the Tracer you will be a more upright in the torso than you were on the FJR. Check out this ergonomics simulator https://cycle-ergo.com/ Also the noises of the triple are way different than the smooth inline 4 you are used to. I'm basing this on my 2019.
  7. I probably posted this before but the first thing I added to my GT were these LED strips which are lit whenever the key is on. I had to reduce the brightness with a 5 watt resistor wired into the circuit. Otherwise, at night, I would have been seriously scorching other driver's eyeballs.
  8. For the wiring diagram it might be helpful if we knew what year your FJ is. Then using the color coding you can identify which wires on the bike to connect to. Having a voltmeter would be very helpful so you can be sure. Daytime light wire for both indicators can go to your taillight hot wire. Signal wires goes to your existing signal wire for each side. The non-hot wire (ground) for the taillight can serve as your ground for both indicators..
  9. Hey! Thank you very much, I will keep that in mind, and I'm sorry I have not been in touch. 🙁
  10. This thread got me paranoid and made me go check chain alignment. I found the rear wheel aiming just a wee bit to the right. I suspect this could be because last time I tightened the chain, I didn't do that step in the YouTube videos that tell you to run an allen key between the chain and rear sprocket to put tension on the chain. Regardless, I won't be doing that in the future, I don't like that idea but will be sure to check alignment in the future. I used the method that you are using when using that special alignment tool except I don't have the tool. I have a perfectly straight strip of flat metal that is 13" long and 1/2" wide. I placed the edge of this against the side of the rear sprocket, a bit below the chain around the upper part of the sprocket, and the other end of the strip 13" away is just below the chain. You can plainly see the alignment by looking down thru the links at the strip.
  11. OK thx for the replies. Yes I want to run it at high speed and yes I have an OBDII reader but I dont have the adaptor. I think I will forget about this for now.
  12. All, I just wanted to double check....I want to run the bike on the center stand, in gear...(no, this is not for lubing the chain) I understand that doing this may trigger a fault light, presumably for ABS. Can this be turned off afterwards? Also I will assume it would be a good idea to turn off TC beforehand....
  13. When I brought my Tracer home from the dealer, it had zero slack. I know this weirdness has been talked about before. I also noticed that the chain gets a lot more slack very quickly when the bike is brand new so I wonder if they do this to compensate (so that people don't unknowingly end up with super-slack chains after 200-300 km) Or maybe it was just my chain that got slack real quick at the beginning because it was too tight and wore quickly. I rode it for 200-300 km and had to tighten it up to get back in spec (which for the GT is 1.4 - 1.77 inches)
  14. $750 to replace a fuel pump? Wow...how much for the pump itself, did they say? Is that USD?