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  1. OP here again, so I have decided to reflash the ECU, sending it out this weekend.. mainly to eliminate the herky-jerkiness. David in Florida is doing it. https://www.vcyclenut.com/
  2. OP here...so on the weekend I took the Tracer out, just up and down the residential street here, first time driving this bike, and any bike after 25 years away from biking...even in Mode B I was very surprised at how abrupt the throttle response was when just coming off a bit from zero throttle ...mind you this was in first and second gear...quickly I realized you really have to hang on tight to the grips!.....I almost lost my grip on the bars a couple times when I wasn't expecting the bike to literally leap forward........I'm not worried about it, just have to get used to it and work on my wrist action,...last bike I had was a 85 Virago and you did not have to "white-glove" the throttle but that's a totally different bike and motor.....but with the Tracer, if you're in stop and go traffic,, unless you're always feathering the clutch, I can see this <maybe> being pretty annoying. But I still look very much forward to becoming as one with this machine.
  3. Hey man, what's a Connie? Oh never mind I see its a Concours...wow, last year when I was starting to look at bikes again, I fell in love with one at the dealer and thats when it all started with deciding to get a bike after 25 years away...and now I have a Tracer....I would have loved that bike.
  4. Unwanted wheelies?? Holy crap....Is there a C-mode? 🙂 Lol.
  5. Hi all, just curious about something,...just got a 2019 GT and apart from driving it 100 yards around the dealer parking lot, I haven't driven it. I'm a returning rider after 25 years and have to get my sea legs back in the spring. I understand that the throttle response has a bit of a pronounced "herkie- jerkiness" to it at very low speeds or just coming off idle... I am wondering if, during my first couple of white-knuckle outings, when putting around the city streets here at low speeds, will Mode B eliminate this jerkiness?
  6. I'm glad to hear that...I still don't really know where I'm at with that. I don't mind them but I do like bad-ass black... Regarding the pic below, is this a 2018? I dont know where I scooped this photo.
  7. This thread will come in handy if I ever get up the ambition to paint my funky blue rims black...
  8. For what its worth, my SUV is supposed to receive premium, which is what I put in it. If I fill with 87, it just doesn't run as nicely, its noisier, has less power and gets poorer fuel economy. And it has the knock sensor and will retard the timing if it senses knock aka pre-ignition. Octane and regular vs. premium is one of the most common topics on automotive forums next to regular oil vs. synthetic. Hey, now that oil has come up, is the Yamalube regular or synthetic? I would imagine that when I change the oil first time on my new GT, I will not think twice about using synthetic, I'm a firm believer....OK, verbal diarrhea episode completed.
  9. If you are having surgery to fix herniated discs, you will be able to ride no problem in the spring. I had 2 herniated discs, L4, L5, they went in from the rear, did a laminectomy for good access and just sliced off the herniations. This was exactly 2 years ago...or was it 3? Oh geez....anyway I was back at work in 2 weeks. Hope yours is that simple.
  10. Precisely what I thought when i saw the cable..haha
  11. Well the settings are inherently just preliminary until I get her out. I will want the ride to be a bit on the soft side due to back problems. The damping settings I set around 60% for now. They wont get dialed in for another 4 or 5 looong months.
  12. Just set up my spring preloads as per "recommended methods", and thought I would share what I discovered as "optimal" settings for front and rear spring preload. Maybe one day someone will find this a bit helpful. Bike is brand new, zero miles. I weigh 195 lbs. I measured wheel travel (compression travel) while sitting down on bike, and compared to factory wheel travel specs. I targeted 30% compression linear travel (suspension compresses 30% of full travel when rider weight is added.) (I started with baseline measurements with wheels off the ground) Rear: 5 full turns in (clockwise) from fully backed off (full CCW) (full span of adjustment is ~ 13 turns) (the sweet black adjustor knob) Forks: 9 full turns in " " " " " " " " (full span of adjustment is ~ 16 turns)
  13. Hi all, so got my new bike home the other day and already playing with suspension setup and whatnot. This rubber doodad came with it, can someone illuminate my brain as to what this is for?