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  1. I love my Shoei with Isomorph visor and pinlok. I only clean the outside (soak bugs with wet paper towel, no products). I never touch the inside so it never needs cleaning. After 5 years there is not a scratch to be seen anywhere. 🤞
  2. I have the heated Yamaha comfort seat and am very happy with it. I'm 6' and I don't feel that I'm sliding forward and the seat is never on my mind. Maybe it helps that my back and neck hurt always wherever I sit. Just did test rides with KTM and Honda and I did not like those seats more than this one... The seating position on the Tracer fits me like a glove with the comfort seat on the low setting. That sucks, I had imagined BMW to nail things like that. Glad you got it sorted out.
  3. I did look at that in the past and love it. I could try selling the new replacement I guess and buy this with the money. But then I still don't have a fail-safe solution for the front. Another problem is that I don't think that it's legal here. But then again, neither are the DRL's in the led plus. That is only a problem if I want to sell the bike because we have a brand new technical inspection starting from 2022 on and it's only when you sell or after an accident. I guess it's not a lot of work to disconnect the DRL's should that happen (and the same goes for the Motodynamics or Custom LEDs). Something to think about. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Just a small update: Yamaha has delivered new ones for the rear at no cost. The front ones are still on order. The dealer said that Yamaha has supply chain problems for anything led related. But all in all very happy that I get new ones. Now to make sure that they don't break. I still need to check the voltage. I'm afraid I've completely switched from tinkering to riding whenever I have time.
  5. Sorry about that. I accidentally posted the title while I hadn't written anything yet. I tried to delete the post but that isn't possible it seems. I finally found the time to finish my review just now. Check the OP. Black Friday has found it's way to Europe as well but I don't think that cars and bikes are in though. Just like Halloween. These concepts were only known to us from movies when I was younger but after a couple of years of pumpkins I've just seen the first kids doing trick or treat this year. Globalization at it's finest 😜 But seriously, not really in the market for a new bike. Just checking what is out there...
  6. My next test ride was the 2021 Honda CB1000R Black edition. Again a quick comparison to my 2019 GT (Ohlins and ECU flash) Likes: Engine, feels and sounds great (those cracks and pops!). I didn't really miss the torque or linearity of the triple. Loved the power rush at 6-7k and heard from the dealer that there is another one that is insane near the redline. Display. small and elegant. looks classy and is more clear somehow than on the tracer. My only gripe is the virtual tacho. It's round but too small to quickly see the rpm (not that you often do that once you know the bike) Rider modes. Great implementation. I liked the other modes but spent most time in Sport mode (our A-mode) to experience the full power. Build quality. It feels like a Honda I guess. More robust and less plasticky. Suspension. Comparing their stock suspension to my Ohlins did not feel like a huge step down except for more dive, but that could be related to the sporty rider position? (more weight on the handlebars). In any case it handles really well. Brakes. Huge difference to the Tracer. Great feel. Looks. It looks great for a naked bike but the Tracer look fine as well. The single-sided swing-arm looks wicked! Quickshifter. A lot smoother. 1st to 2nd no problem. Dislikes: Rider triangle. pegs are too high up and I felt cramped plus too much pressure on my wrists. Definitely a more sporty rider position. Not much grip on the tank with my knees. The Tracer fits me like a glove. Mirrors. As bad as the Tracers were without the extenders. No heated grips No cruise control No center-stand Mileage Just not a touring oriented bike. That is not meant as criticism. It's a naked and a great one at that. If I could afford a second bike I would seriously consider this for the short rides that I often do to relax but as an all-round bike it lacks many of the options that I need. It would probably kill me in the end. So after the test ride I got back on the Tracer and it was nothing like after the KTM 1290 SAS test. The Tracer felt big and slow but much more comfortable. After the KTM the Tracer felt compact, nimble and sporty. I can only imagine going from the KTM to the Honda... like getting of a tractor and getting in a sports car. Next up.. Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak Conclusion: I would be seriously tempted if Honda did something like a BMW S1000XR with this 1000cc engine. Now that I think of it, I should book a test ride with that one as well. https://powersports.honda.com/street/sport/cb1000r
  7. That is interesting as it's a slightly different trigger for the behavior. I'm really going to try to remember to make a small video to see if it sounds the same.
  8. I completely agree and have come a long way since I wrote that post While the issues are not 100% resolved, I am happy to say that I am now familiar with that smoothness! The ECU flash is a big part of it, but mostly I've learned to rev it a lot higher. I now feel very comfortable just staying in 1st gear through city centers (always in A mode). Meanwhile 2nd gear has stolen the crown from 3rd gear as the most used. I find that I don't use more fuel riding 90 km/h in 2nd compared to 3rd or 4th gear. And I guess that it's better for being noticed in traffic as well. I rarely do highways and there are no long winding roads to be found here. So it's mostly small backroads. (there's very dense traffic in this country) All this has made me a lot happier with the bike. I did a few test rides recently with other bikes that interest me and the Tracer still knocked them out of the park as an all-round package.
  9. I replaced the plugs just a few months ago when I did the throttle body sync and they all looked the same. since then I’ve had the ECU flashed so it’s running richer now. I can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure that this issue has been there since I bought the bike second-hand one year ago. It’s hard to be sure as there were a couple of compounded issues in the beginning. If I check every connector I’ll be sure to check the plugs and coils again though and have a look at the APS. I have a OBDII reader that works on the bike so I’ll check for misfires as well and also check the header temps when I get infrared thermometer. First the easy external tests and then deeper if necessary 😅 I’m very interested to hear about your results!
  10. Hi guys, I had no idea that this thread continued, I haven't logged in for quite a while. Thank you for the suggestions! I bought the di-electic grease and have going through the connectors on my to-do list. But TBH I've been riding the bike a lot harder since getting back from the Alps and that seems to help. The ECU flash has made A mode such a joy. I get the issue a lot less and it doesn't bother me as much as it's no so noticeable at high revs. I do have one new piece of info: When the engine is cold OR it is hot and I turn it off and re-start immediately it runs smooth. When the engine is hot and I turn it off for more than a few minutes, a restart makes it run bad for 10 to 20 seconds. To me it sounds like it's running on two cylinders but I have no experience in this so it could be something else. I should make a video: It's not bad like sputtering and it's not about to stall. It just sounds like less ignitions and the pattern is off but it quickly picks up. You can immediately crank the gas and that also fixes it. I've just ordered an infra red thermometer to do the header test.
  11. Just for fun I put this full-option bike to the test on some of my favorite roads. liked: -look (hated it before but it grows on you) except the exhaust -ipad-like display with it's tons of settings and options. -footpegs (big chunk of rubber) -turn radius -high mirrors. Even with my extenders on the Tracer I can see a lot less than on the KTM. -radar. This works really well. I had it do a panic stop behind a car and didn't feel as scary as I had imagined. I would use this all the time if I had it. -cruise control works in all gears from 40 km/h upwards. Don't like the limitations on the tracer GT. -Engine layout. It looks more accessible than the Tracer to work on. didn't like: -engine character. I was totally unprepared for this. It felt agricultural like a tractor, or how I imagined a diesel motorcycle would feel. -engine sound. Same as above. -huge exhaust. -controls seem flimsy plastic -Shifter. it's very small and easy to miss. Just a case of getting used to it of course. -Leg ergonomics. The bike feels a lot bigger, yet my legs felt more cramped. -The price! I probably forgot some stuff. Anyway, what struck me most was that when I got back on the Tracer it felt like a race bike. So smooth, compact and snarky. Like next-gen... Except for the new Bosch innovations that will find their way to Yamaha too, the Tracer is 100% the better bike to me. And then taking into account the myriad of issues that these bikes have (I have a friend with a 2016 model so I know first-hand) I know that it will be a long time before I look at KTM again. YMMV
  12. Just out of curiosity I did a test ride with 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S a few days ago and on the way home I stopped by the new Honda dealer in town to inquire about test riding a CB1000R. They surprised me with the NT1100 news. I was excited for a second until I realized that this is another big twin and I will probably like the engine character just a much as the KTM. Which is to say not at all. The dealers are testing it this weekend as I write this and he will back to me with dates for test riding both the CB1000R and the NT1100. He was very happy with the price. 14000 euros including panniers etc which is cheaper than the Tracer 9 GT.. I'm pretty sure that I will stick with the Tracer.
  13. That is really awful! It's great that you can still see the silver lining. Sometimes life just stops and you get to reevaluate what is really important. While you are healing, count on the forum to help the time go by and for some moral support. Get well soon!