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  1. You will have to ride your bike here in the U.K. to even out your tyre wear😂 on a separate note I’m impressed by the mileage you achieved from the original Dunlop’s, 14k from the rear might be a record🤔
  2. As Piotrek says it is likely engineered in. Every one of my bikes (6) does exactly the same
  3. As a recent member of this particular asylum myself, welcome Murray and we look forward to hearing about your mods as you make the bike your own!
  4. Interesting solution Mamaganet, works the same as the one Chris mentions above and I have just fitted tonight. It is a bit rough round the edges but does the job well and I have always preferred function over form. I have kept a second RAM ball on the factory mount by the handlebar clamps. All I need now is an end to the big freeze when I can get bike out and put some more miles on it🥶
  5. I have the factory GPS mount which fits to the handlebar mounting clamps and an AMPS Ram ball mounted to that. I find that with either a phone, GPS or GoPro attached it blocks an area of the instrument panel. I am now looking at this as it fixes to the screen adjuster so seems to mount the device front and centre and at a better height to not take your eyes off the road. Just wondered if anyone else is using one? Yamaha Tracer 900 & 900 GT 2018+ High Level Mount Sat Nav - Version 2! | eBay
  6. I think the cabin fever of lockdown is taking hold over here too . The weather is still too icy to ride so I found myself heading into the garage after work to remove the front mudguard as I have ordered a fender extender to try and keep the front of the engine clean. This isn't the sort of job I would normally get excited about so is definitely a sign of the times we find ourselves in!!
  7. I vote for suspension ( this is starting to look like a referendum😂). My rationale is if the seat hurts your ass you can stop, if the suspension set up doesn’t work you may not be able to stop!
  8. I think that is what I missed, the chance to bond on the ride home. Due to lockdown I had to do click and collect so bought it with a video walk round/ start up, a bit of a weird experience. I had to collect it in my van as my wife wasn’t free so there was just me and the amount of salt on the van when I got home convinced me I did the right thing not riding it back. At this rate I won’t be challenging any of the iron butt high mileage members of this forum!
  9. Thanks for the welcome Guys and for whetting my appetite. Picking up on Kennys last post looks like in the U.K. we are all about to go into a period of tighter lockdown so I may be looking at it in the garage rather than riding it for at least another month.🤯
  10. I picked up my new to me 2020 Tracer 900 GT on Saturday and it hasn’t stopped raining since! Mine is a dealer demo bike with 280 miles on it as literally as new but I got £1500 off list which pleased me immensely . The dealer had installed the factory chain guard and GPS mount . Compared to my old Kawasaki Versys, the owners manual is encyclopaedic so I can spend some time studying and adjusting things I have never used before such as traction control settings, cruise control and heated grips. This will be my long term ‘sensible do everything’ bike as I have a collection of 2 strokes when I need to use a bike for maximum fun. The ‘ new world’ means I now work from home rather than an office so no more commuting, which used to be the majority of my bike miles so I am hoping the Tracer will remain in better condition than my previous commuter bikes. I look forward to learning through the forum and contributing where I can. David
  11. 2 strokes rule the world