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  1. I wasn’t the one doing it, but it was a really quick install
  2. I have been looking for a set of LoneRider MotoBags. These are a mix of hard and soft luggage. They tell me they have a Niken owner who fit these using the OEM racks using only a few tweaks. I think I am buying the OEM racks and try these... As for the Motech, they tell me only racks to fit Sysbag15 is avaliable... Any bigger is not, maybe because of weight concerns?
  3. I honestly downknow yet! Probably in the front near the windshield?
  4. Posting a link seems I can’t upload from my phone for some reason... here are the sliders https://www.dropbox.com/s/p02if7ad0n1cs1a/2021-01-10%2012.12.20.jpg?dl=0
  5. Greetings folks, I really would like to equip my Niken with some luggage (top case and panniers). I really would like to find some kind of way to fit the metal (black) ones. But wherever I look, Shad, Givi, etc, the only moutings brackets available for the Niken just fit the plastic cases, which I don't like so much. Do you know any way to solve this? Or maybe any brand I am unaware of?
  6. I have a photo of the swmotech bars installed, as well as a front axle slider. Maybe tomorrow I will post some more pics, when there is some daylight
  7. I own a 2018 Niken with SW Motech crash bars and front axle sliders. I recently bought Denali D4 light kit... Looking forward to have them installed, really curious! They should be awesome.