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  1. Gentleman, thanks for your replies. Checked the bag latches, well only the one I have (one bag was damaged on the showroom, replacement on order), and all seemed to be good. Chain was adjusted correctly, thanks for the heads up Johnmark, will keep an eye out for that. That may help with my chain maintenance shortcomings! Randy, as for your take on the Roadsmarts, that is spot on with my experience. Tires are really a subjective topic, but for me after about 15 sets of the roadsmarts I highly recommend them. Brakes fall into that same category too, I have always gone for HH pads, like that initial quick bite. Took a short ride yesterday and took note of the rear brake and was satisfied with its performance. Probably going to have adjust my riding style a bit coming off 20 years on the VFR with the linked brakes. Randy I see you've also got a wing, had my F6B to Traxxion for the "full monty" upgrade... transformational on my wing. It seems from what I've read here that I'll be looking for upgrades on the Tracer. I think I read somewhere that the Penske shock that they use does not have remote preload adjustment. That would be a non starter for me. I love the Ohlins on my VFR, fully adjustable, rebuildable, and oh so pricey. Guess Ill have to wait for the weather till I can get out and do some "scratchin'" to see how much the credit card is going to suffer! Johnmark101 we should try and hook up when the weather breaks, we've probably covered a lot of the same roads. wrenchbender same goes for you too if your close enough in Ohio. Once again, thanks guys
  2. New scoot and new member here. Got a couple of questions about my new 2020 GT ride and what to look for. First I guess I should introduce myself. I'm 63 yrs young, been ridin for 40 years, never put a knee down, but the toes of my riding boots are pretty well scuffed up. Live in Cincinnati, make at least 3 trips to the mountains a year in N. Carolina for the last 35 years (was riding the Gap before it became "The Dragon" and all the cagers and Harley riders (no disrespect implied) turned it into a tourist nightmare). Been a Honda guy most of my riding career. Owned a KZ 305 CSR (tiny cruiser), KZ- GPZ 550, 3 V65 Sabres, 2 VFRs, 1 GL1500 Valkyrie, and a GL1800 F6B. Still have a 2000 VFR that I've been ridin since it was new, and the 13 F6B in the garage. My trackday junkie buddies call me "old guy fast," they all love my pace in the mountains. I've done a couple of track days, and spent two great days at VIR for the California Superbike School riding a Beemer 1000 RR. Probably have about 300,000 miles of street time on me. 1 - Is there anything I should check on the bike as it comes from the dealer, are there any things that most of you have found that need to be tightened, any fluid levels that need to be checked, or anything that Yamaha has overlooked that y'all think I should look at? I already have a Sargent seat on order, had one for everything I've ridden except the Wings. The weather sucks here in cincy this time of year so I've only got about 50 miles of seat time on my new scoot. 2 - I'm a sporty rider, are the stock tires bad enough that they need to be replaced before the riding season starts? Been using Dunlop Roadsmarts on the VFR since they were introduced. 3 - I'm a big guy, not tall, 5-9, 250 or so in gear, and ride 2 up a lot. The VFR has Ohlins upgrades at both ends, I know how good suspension can transform a bike. Do you all think there enough adjustment in the stock suspension to keep me satisfied till it's time to upgrade? 4 - I know there is probably a warning label someplace that says you should only put about 6 ozs of stuff in the bags, yada yada yada.....How well do the bags and latches seem to hold up? Thanks for any input y'all have. These forums are a treasure of info and I'll be looking in regularly. Thanks again!!