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  1. @WKE002 I did notice the sliding into the tank thing right away, I have the seat DIY saved to do it soon, also read up on the tires, thanks for recommendations @mikerbiker Thanks! Found one in Jersey, 1.5 hrs away, highly recommended by a lot of folks around here, I will definitely take the ride out there. @roadrash83 Thanks man, I'm in Westchester as well, Ossining to be exact. Soon as the temps get a little warmer I'll be taking the ride.
  2. Thanks gentlemen! Any advice on setting up the suspension? I found some posts but haven’t tried anything yet. Bike felt pretty good on the ride home but again that was compared to the Bolt.
  3. Thank you @texscottyd, I have a lot to catch up on!
  4. Lol, night and day difference, the Bolt is a very fun bike and I would’ve loved to keep it as a second, maybe in the future it’ll happen..
  5. Hi all, new guy here, picked up a 2020 this afternoon, sooo happy. I’ve been lurking on the forum a while now reading up on the bike since I decided it was the one I wanted last year. I’m in NY and had to drive an hour into the city to trade in my Bolt and pick up the Tracer, it was 23* degrees this morning and the ride down was not fun, but I smiled the whole way home on the GT! Can’t wait for the weather to warm just a bit so I can start riding this thing to work, in the meantime I’ll keep reading up and participating in the forum. Thanks and ride safe!