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  1. I got this one off Amazon. If I were to do it again, I would spend a few more dollars on one with an aluminum housing. I am not holding out high hopes for longevity in the rain since the cap doesn't seal well. https://www.amazon.ca/Charger-SunnyTrip-Waterproof-Voltmeter-Motorcycle/dp/B07PZZ9C3N/ref=sr_1_16?dchild=1&keywords=usb+voltmeter&qid=1614279809&sr=8-16
  2. The dealer released mine without me registering or insuring it. I don't think it's common, but it happens.
  3. If you put on big miles, especially commuting, an oiler is convenient. You never forget or neglect to lube the chain. Nor do you have to pack lube on road trips. They're not necessarily messy.
  4. You forgot plate and insurance. I'm in a similar situation to you, though I have the bike in possession. So far: volt meter/usb charger dual digital heat controller for heated gear Givi rear rack a Tutoro oiler I will swap over from outgoing bike And that's it for now. I want to put a few miles on the thing before I make any other decisions. Potential future purchases: Touring windscreen (Puig?) Top case that isn't so wide as the 48L one I currently have, maybe Kappa KRG46 Tank bag Sliders or crash bars and skid plate Maybe a rad guard And I'm sure others will come to mind as I pile on the miles.
  5. The gizmo in question is just a relay. It's not the tip-over/lean angle sensor (that's located at the tank mount). Not sure what the relay is for: G8HN-1C4T-DJ - Omron It could be related to traction control or ABS. Haven't yet found anything on it in the manual.
  6. Well, I pulled the plastics and tank off the bike today and had a poke around to see what I've bought. Part of that process included looking at the under-seat area. Right away, I see there is an electrical gizmo mounted off a hanger in the storage tray. I also notice there is a perfectly good and unused electrical gizmo hanger about three inches forward and to the left. So, slice open the harness an inch or so and presto: electrical gizmo is relocated and under seat stowage capacity is improved. Then I got out the Dremel and removed the partition between the front and rear stowage areas. Tidy up with a knife and now there's a useful stowage compartment for air compressor, patch kit, tool kit. Also located the heated seat connector in the same area and determined which spade connectors I need to make the dummy plug useful. Same connector style behind the windshield. Sumitomo p/n: 6187-2311 and 6180-2321, you need the ribbed version you can see here, or just buy the spades and seals and install them into the dummy already on the bike: Motorcycle MT .090 Sealed Series - Connector and Terminals Sumitomo - HM Sealed(Mounting Bracket type) and MT Sealed type... I've ordered from them before and recommend.
  7. I now have a 600-odd-page paper copy in a 3-ring binder, printed from digital file, thanks to a member here. (I won't name names because I don't know if that sort of thing is kosher.) Anyway, I'm as pleased as punch. I can flip paper (my preference), or scroll digitally. Maybe it's not "searchable", but I know how to use an index and a table of contents and can search the old-school way. It helps that I have access to a high-speed printer.
  8. Yes, a relay is probably advisable. That's the setup I have on my Suzuki, but the relay was already there for a Stebel I threw in the garbage. Two Fiamms might work together without a relay. Horns are a quick draw and done. Not like headlights or something that are a continuous draw. Well, if you ride in New York, it might be a different story.
  9. Urban Dictionary: Don't be a "Todd." What exactly is a Todd? A Todd is a hyper-sexual man-baby that bitches... I plan to sell the bike and let the second owner adjust the chain slack. This sounds too complicated for me.
  10. Brought a shiny new GT home on Friday, just as the first flakes were beginning to fall. It's been snowing ever since. Kinda frustrating because I've ridden every day through winter until now. But it's given me time to browse around here and think about which fuse block, voltage monitor, top rack, etc, might work best on this thing and learn how to remove all the plastics and tank. And, I've realized top cases are scarce out there these days. Anything I might want is out of stock.
  11. Wow, I'm surprised there isn't more discussion on this topic. It doesn't seem like much thought went into designing the under-seat storage area. Or the tool "kit", if one can even call it that. Before I started carving away, I thought I'd have a look and see if anyone else had come up with a better idea. Someone with a 3-D printer could improve upon the design, I would think.
  12. Thank you sir. It's so hard to figure this stuff out when you cannot see the product in person. Hell, I don't even have the bike yet, so I can't even look at that. Sounds like the SW Motech may be the way to go. I do like the look of the T-Rex, however. It looks wider but, again, that might be an optical illusion.
  13. Do you know if you have to use a Givi adapter plate with the Motech rack, or can you bolt the case-specific hardware directly to the rack? Also, how are the grab bars? Are they narrower or the same width apart as stock?