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  1. That's odd, can someone measure in the tip of passenger peg? Is a taller point, maine I can spot a difference there
  2. hi @skipperT bike was on ground, and a buddy just holding to keep it leveled while I was tooking measurements
  3. I took seat off and i took some measuremenets, the scale is in centimeters, but converted is like; From ground to bolt - 73 centimeters = 28.7401575 inches From Ground to passager foot peg - 49 centimeters = 19.2913386 inches From ground to tip os passanger handle - 91 centimeters = 35.8267717 inches I also noticed that front forks are all the way to the top. The bike really leans A LOT in kickstand, kickstand and center stand are not worn. Can any of you guys take same measuremente on your tracers? Thank you in advance
  4. Can you guys inform in what part of the seat should I measure from the ground to understand if the bike is sitting higher than it should?
  5. I have a 2017 Tracer 900 that previous owner changed the rear shock for a Kawa ZX6R i belive Bike handles great, but problem is that she leans too far on kickstand, and on center stand the back wheel is touching grouns, and i cannot spinf it for mantainance Is this due to shock sawp correct? But is it normal!? Any way that i can make it stand normal?
  6. I opened a new topic with all the mods listed Thanks to all
  7. Hi Guys, only to share my mod list, I recentely purshased and pe-owned 2017 Tracer 900, many of these mods were made by previous owner - Yamaha OEM Quickshift - Yamaha OEM heated grips - Yamaha OEM Led Blinkers - Ohlins Springs on front forks - Swap of back suspension with Kawasaki ZXR6 Showa - Ohlins Steering Damper - SW Motech Kobra Handguards - Ermax Sport light smoke windshield - Puig 3.0 Aluminum Levers - Super Teneré Rubber Footpegs - Cosmo Radiator protector - Givi Crashbars - Givi M8B Base + Givi Trekker TRK52 Topcase - Custom confort seats by JN Seatcover - Mobile phone holder - SW Motech bar raisers (+2,5,cm) (Removed) - SW Motech Side Stand Plate - Puig Racevalves - Tail Tidy Honestely, there are not much more to do, if some of you want some informations or pictures in detail let me know https://www.instagram.com/testudinesontheroad/
  8. Hello Guys, Thanks for having me in the forum, i'm from Porto, Portugal and a new owner of a pre-loved MT-09 Tracer in a beautifull Mountain Green color. You can follow mine and my buddys adventures in following IG : https://www.instagram.com/testudinesontheroad/ An Like and follow would be greately appreciated This beauty will be my daily driver and also, my go to machine to many km in my country Portugal and Europe I purchased it with many mods already, i will list them later, looking forward to learn and share