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  1. Well not very much effort required but finally got my Bagster!! 🎉🥳
  2. Just received the SW today and installed it.. The mount stick I want to the engine or super easy to install but putting the skid plate on top of that, is a royal pain. I probably should’ve change the oil first given you have to drop the plate from the mount first but have another thousand miles before I need to do it. Overall it looks good and should protect the oil pan.
  3. Thanks, yeah I can’t even believe it was so rusty but brand spanking new now! 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Replaced the tail light mounting brackets.. no idea how it got so rusty in the first place but looks brand new now.
  5. Bagster Ready Luxe Yamaha MT-09 Tracer 900 2015-2019 Black Woven Suede Grey Seat - ChromeBurner Get your Bagster Ready Luxe... for anyone interested I ordered this seat for my fj 09, it will be here hopefully within a week or so I’m located in New York, I’m going to return it as I also ordered a second one of a different color that I really wanted. Rather than ship it back I’d be happy to ship it directly to someone here or local pickup. Price would be the same cost as the site as that’s what I’ve paid $299 in total
  6. Well after two months I cancelled my order with Motostorm.. they cannot tell me at this point when the seat will be ready so switched gears and went with chromeburner .. hopefully just a few more weeks
  7. Took a ride to the North Shore of Long Island, Port Jeff with a buddy, it was a beautiful day in New York rode a bit over 100 miles.. can’t wait for my bagster seat.. my bony a$$ is feeling it 😂
  8. Just out of curiosity what types of insurance do you carry and what is your premium? I have a 250 comprehensive deductible 1000 collision, and pay approximately 320 a year. I keep 1000 deductible on collision figuring it would have to be pretty bad for me to use.
  9. Congrats on the purchase .. picked up my 2015 early this year, love it so far
  10. Too funny! The more I read here the more i spend.. my list seems to grow daily
  11. Love the engine as well.. has solid power all the way through.. here in NY there are some freeways where you have to come to a complete stop before entering.. getting to highway speed (and beyond) is exhilarating on this bike
  12. Thanks for posting.. I hadn’t really contemplated this very much but great food for thought.: of course hopefully I won’t be in this situation but never know