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  1. Unfortunately nothing this weekend, my givi top case arrived and they inadvertently shipped me mounting brackets for the FZ09.. 😡 Will have to wait another weekend to install but oh well.
  2. Glad I’m not the only one, I have about 75 miles so far in my tank is still showing fall, thought it was an issue but sounds perfectly normal after reading through this thread.
  3. NY.. Long Island.. any locals want to go for a ride once the weather turns definitely hit me up
  4. Welcome and congrats on the purchase! I’m only a week in.. maybe 20 miles given the cold weather in the northeast and waiting for a spring like day. Lots of mods to come as well.
  5. I went out and bought the same helmet, wore it on my ride home from the dealer, it’s extremely comfortable, can’t wait to use it once nicer weather rolls around. I’m also contemplating the transition shields, look forward to hearing how well you like that
  6. Really like the look of this case especially the nighttime view, went ahead and ordered mine today, can’t wait!
  7. Congrats and welcome! You have the added benefit of Southern CA warm weather this time of year!
  8. Congrats on the nice ride! Picked my ‘15 today can’t wait for spring! Followed you on IG
  9. Thanks! Can’t wait for warmer weather!
  10. Thanks, plenty to look forward to! Appreciate the tips
  11. Thanks.. 2,600 miles.. I took high-resolution photos so I will have to take low quality one and will post it up, totally excited
  12. Good afternoon everyone just went out and purchased a 2015 FJ 09.. picking it up this Wednesday can’t wait, still cold in New York but I’m sure I’ll find a few days to get out before the nice weather rolls around. On my list: saddle bags and maybe a Corbin seat. look forward to chatting with everyone here