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  1. This has been my experience as well. I had the Givi windscreen on my Versys, no spoiler, and it was great. Could be cruising in the fast lane on the freeway with my visor wide open and using group coms with virtually zero wind noise. I just purchased another Givi for the Tracer but just simply looking at the wind screen's angle my bet is it's not going to change a whole lot as far as wind noise is concerned. It seems you're confirming this to be true. I bought a bunch of rubber spacers off Amazon to experiment with modifying the slope of the screen to work around this. I'm hoping a steeper incline might be the ticket.
  2. I actually just bought Greg's 2020 Tracer GT. I'm an instructor here in San Diego and teach with him on the weekends. I went over to a BBQ at his place a couple weeks back to just hang out and check out the new scooter and he convinced me to trade my Versys in for it. Glad I did, love the bike. Small world!
  3. This is exactly what opened my eyes to sport touring. I'm used to riding my naked bikes down to Chula Vista or Camp Pendleton @ 3am in the morning from the hills of Ramona and some of those trips it's in the 20's so it's a damn chilly ride. By the time I arrive my hands feel like they've been frozen over and smashed by a hammer and it takes a good hour or two to thaw out. Acquired a Kawi Versys and reluctantly took that down the hill for the first time with it's heated grips, grip guards, barn door windscreen and a heated jacket liner and it was at that very moment I realized I've been doing it horribly wrong for cold weather this whole time... I felt like a cave man that had just discovered fire.
  4. I'm unfortunately pretty familiar with windscreen rabbit holes. I went down one a bit on the Kawi Versys but struck a happy balance with the Givi windscreen. I may try another Givi on the Tracer but my concern is the slope of the windscreen is pretty much angled right at my face. I'm unsure if any size windscreen at this juncture is going to make a difference if I don't change that incline a bit. Perhaps even 1/4" of spacers on the top bolts will be enough of an angle adjustment? Dunno, but I'll experiment a bit. I'm resistant to a shorter screen since I already have the FZ-10 with a fly screen & MT-07 with nothing. My true love is for the hyper naked and wouldn't change a thing about them - don't mind the wind one bit while I'm on them. The Tracer is just supposed to be the boujee bike. Thinkin' about those seat warmers, a big wind screen... maybe even cucumber slices, bidet and foot massager if I can work it out. 😆
  5. I'm just up the road from you in Ramona! I'd certainly be down to check it out. I'm on a weird schedule where I work weekends. Is it taller/wider than the factory Tracer 900 Touring Windshield? Curious as to what you've settled on using yourself?
  6. @wanderer Thank you! @knyte 👍 @Garybinnyc Yes! @texscottyd I'm loving it, so far it's pretty much what I wanted out of the box. Maybe a color swap and wind* screen mod is all I'm considering at the moment. @2and3cylinders I am familiar with the Hillcrest area. Used to go to RB Sushi over there all the time pre-COVID. I'm in Ramona. @Yamajank Yeah, not really feeling the red. Pretty sure I'm going to swap it to armor gray to match my other bikes!
  7. Howdy folks, Been through about a dozen bikes but my most recent ones have been an FZ-10 and MT-07 for the last several years. Never saw myself as the sport touring type as I've traditionally always gravitated to naked standards. Buddy of mine hooked me up with a 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650 last December and, to my surprise, I really enjoyed it and was instantly hooked. Despite the plethora of things I loved about the Versys there were two pretty major snags I just couldn't stop being bothered by; 1) I really don't like the ninja 650 motor - at all - and 2) I commute for work a lot and was really missing the cruise control on the 10. Fast forward to present day and I've traded my Versys in for a 2020 Tracer 900 GT. I now have an engine that isn't putting me to sleep and cruise control. Everything I care about has been far better on the Tracer than the Versys save just the windscreen. The Givi I had on the Versys was vastly superior to the optional large Yamaha touring screen which I find to be "meh" at best. I otherwise love this bike! It also gets my infinity garage one step closer. I've got the 10, 09, and 07 now. All that is left is a 03 for the track and I will have unlocked infinite power! PS: From a theme standpoint it's a bummer about the red color of the Tracer but I'm thinking about doing something about it. Pic of my hair brained idea attached. PPS: Am I crazy or is the Tracer using the MT-07 rims? Are they 1:1 or are there differences?