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  1. Good news for me because it looks like the GIVI offers more protection for the lower case and even some for the plastic, but I was concerned about the peg placement not begin forward enough. Curious though, what model is your bike and did you use the TN2122 or TN2139? The 2139’s that are supposed to be for my gen Tracer appear smaller and I was wondering about the coverage.
  2. I saw this set up in a search. Found the SW Motech guards, pricey! Wasn’t able to run down the pegs but this looks like what I need. Can anyone identify the pegs, and do you know if they’ll work with the GIVI guards? Thanks, Tim
  3. I bought the bike in Hendersonville, nice folks that run the Yamaha shop there! We’ve not ridden that far south, but it’s coming, we are normally above Asheville around Damascus and Bristol for weekend rides.
  4. Not too far from WNC, that’s where we ride mostly. Actually picked the bike up in Hendersonville, just south of Asheville, NC. Great Yamaha dealer there, it was the most pleasant motorcycle buying experience I’ve ever had.
  5. BTW it sucks when your name is only 3 letters and the requirement is 4. Just wasn’t feeling clever this morning... 😂🤣😂🤣 Tim
  6. Glad to see this post and will be following. I too am coming from a Goldwing and just picked my Tracer up yesterday. In the short ride I did yesterday my head is right in the turbulence zone and it was slightly annoying even with my Shoei GT Air. Tim
  7. I just picked up my Tracer 900 GT yesterday from a shop 3-1/2 hours away! Very few 2020’s out there and the deal I got was worth the drive! Got home just after the rain and just before dark so I took it for a quick spin and love it so far. It was a little chilly and I couldn’t figure out how to turn the grip heaters on while riding, figured it was time to go home and RTFM.. I’ve been riding since the 80’s and have 3 bikes now, a TW200, a Goldwing GL1800, and now the Tracer. After 5 elbow surgeries over the last 10 years from injuries and arthritis it was time to switch back to a lighter more nimble bike, that and the wife doesn’t wanna ride anymore, so the Goldwing is now for sale. My first Yamaha was an FJR and I loved that bike, it was a 2009 and my only complaint was lack of cruise control, and I decided the wife would be more comfortable on something bigger and less sporty, so I sold the FJR and got the Wing. My new Tracer seems to be a good mix of features between the GW and the FJR, though after yesterday’s ride I may miss the wind coverage some days. 😜 Expect my next post to be about larger windshield or adding additional coverage to stock. Tim