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  1. These bags are hard to find, and very spendy if you can find them. I was extremely fortunate to have a friend who painted these with the Yamaha Racing heritage paint many, many years ago... they offer a substantial increase in carrying capacity - each saddlebag can hold an XL Shoei or HJC helmet:
  2. All true enough... had just forgotten that the 8K maint has the more tasks involved. Since I am confident my ancient mercury sticks were lost long ago, gotta wait for the new CarbTune to arrive anyway, before I start yanking panels. We'll ride the bike till then.
  3. I am ~150 miles tardy for the 8K maintenance. Wanted to take wifely out for a spin today, so after finishing up the oil change, I thought it best to quickly RTFM to ensure I didn't miss anything. ACK! The 8K maintenance task schedule is the bigger one: spark plugs/air filter/throttle-body synch.... doesn't look like we are taking the Tracer today. Except maybe to the dealership to buy parts. I'm sure we have a gazillion threads on replacing plugs/air filters and synch-ing TB's.... thought I saw a dedicated forum on it before, can't seem to find it now. If anyone can point out a linky-link, I'd appreciate it And I think I'd better wash this bike before I starting disassembling... 🙄
  4. Curious, are those LED lamps in the upper rear corners of the GIVI? If so - have you got them wired up?
  5. From the website: https://pnwgrandtour.com/ Welcome to the inaugural season of PNW Grand Tour! We are trying to fill a void for riders who are eager to get out and explore the beautiful roads of the PNW without the competitive nature of a timed rally. This rally was started as a labor of love to fill a void left by two earlier GT style rallies that no longer operate for a variety of reasons. Visit as many locations as you like from a selection in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and portions of Western Montana, Northern Nevada and Northern California.
  6. Lochsa Lodge is just awesome - little wonder it was on the PNW-GrandTour this year. We spent the night in a cabin, temps in the low 40's for breakfast. Annie was happy to have her Warm-N-Safe liner to wear:
  7. Today on the Tracer: Warchild-wife and I completed Finisher Status in the inaugural PNW-Grand Tour event, picking up 12 of 30 Location offerings on the Tour. The final two that gave us Finisher status were: White Bird, Idaho and then Lochsa Lodge on HWY 12 west of Lolo Pass: https://www.relive.cc/view/v36AgRN8RGv
  8. I have a question - did you replace the sprocket cover with something else?
  9. I washed my poor, neglected Tracer this morning... after 8000 miles the first three months of ownership, it's been sitting pretty much dormant since a three-day Idaho blast with wifey around the 4th of July. In fact, it was that trip's layer of bugs that got washed off! 😕 Ownership abuse, I know. At least the bike is clean.
  10. Holy shit, this is nuts! And you are staying on asphalt most all the time, aren't you? That is some scary stuff. I have the Givi rad guard and R&G Fenda Extenda, and have been resisting a skid plate. But nowadays I am thinking a SW-Motech skid plate is probably indicated.
  11. Another data-point in the discussion - myself and Warchild-wife recently did a stint in central Nevada. Following numbers represent 2-up, full FJR1300 side bags and a full Shad40 - so we're heavy by factory standards. Day 1, I was in a hurry to get to Ely, and really rampaged the roads in a naughty fashion. Setting the cruise-control at 85+ ranges for hundreds of miles at a time. First tank was 41mpg, the 2nd was 39mpg. ☹️ Day 2, I purposely kept the cruise control at a painful 67-mph, and was rewarded with a solid 53-54mpg. For the amount of weight the bike is carrying, I find this exceptional. It's allows for a reasonable 200+ mile range. At least the price of boredom speeds is knowing you can make it to the next dusty Nevada town, and hope there is available fuel. 👍
  12. Howard Leight MAXX NR44 earplugs, the de-facto standard within the Iron Butt community.
  13. The Pazzo Racing Levers are absolutely perfect in every way for the Tracer 900 GT.