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  1. When I use a torque wrench on oil pan bolts, I use a beam type. I like it because you can 'see' the torque increasing. I have marked the scale with a sharpie when I do something where the manual has been proven to be sketchy.
  2. As someone born and raised in north central Indiana, you speak the truth. I lived in the Houston, TX for 7 years and was very disappointed in the riding/weather. Last year we retired and moved to SE Tennessee. While living in IN I would make 3 - 4 trips to TN a year to ride. Now, I am beside myself living near all of the great riding roads.
  3. It does not look that abnormal. You might try bumping tire pressure to 40 or 42 psi.
  4. I live in Dayton, TN which is just north of Chattanooga. I noticed this morning that some stations are out and those with gas have long lines. Noticed several cars with GA plates waiting in line.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. Reaching the ground is not an issue. Being too cramped is usually the issue for me. I had a Tiger 1050 and loved the ergos and the triple. I am hoping the Tracer is similar. I will try to sit on one when I take the FJR in for the brake switch recall.
  6. Hello, current FJR owner looking for something lighter now that I live near some of the best roads in the US. Joined so I could learn more about the Tracer to see if it is the right choice for me.