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  1. Interestingly, the stock windshield seems to work just fine for me. It's set to the middle notches and I'm 5'11, haven't experienced buffeting or wobble at high speed. I would double-check tire air pressures and make sure those are correct. I've also heard some front wheels are difficult to balance when installing new tires. I do think the extra accessories on the bike increasing drag can interfere with aerodynamics, so I'd keep them off unless using them. Still wanting to replace the OEM shock/spring combo with a nicer unit, maybe in time for next year's riding season. I highly recommend the FJ-09, it's a great bike that does so many things very well.
  2. Just adding to the chorus of well wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
  3. Easy fix = run with high beam ON all the time during the day. Not only does it prevent the discussion, but you are also more visible to other traffic.
  4. Just to piggyback on the elevation changes idea: liquid expands at higher elevation, so if your coolant bottle was at at top of the line before you climbed, it may have expanded and overflowed. As you were riding, it probably got splashed on the bike and unless you give it a good wash, it will likely always smell a bit whenever it's warmed up. I'd give the bike a good soaking when you can, see if that helps.
  5. Compared to OEM prices, that sounds like a fair number. I need to make sure 100% that they'd fit, and I might just take them off your hands. Too bad you're not closer... I'll be in touch.
  6. Definitely! I think we should plan on some specific dates so we can all get on the same calendar page. I'm out of town August 12-15 and also over Labor Day weekend (Sep 3-6), but other than that I could make most any day work, even during the week (working from home still). Let's ping @2and3cylinders and find out what day(s) we could all set up a ride together.
  7. If you have the stock FJ-09 cases still, I'd be interested. Please send a PM with your asking price and if you're willing to ship. TIA
  8. Anyone still riding their FJ here? Picked up mine a few months ago, would be nice to connect with some locals. I'm near Lake Geneva.
  9. Hi there, I've been looking for a set of cases with the mount for them, trying to figure out if it'll fit my '16 FJ-09. The motosport.com site seems to say the Tracer 900 mounts and cases would fit, but I'm not certain. If they were to fit, and you still have these available, would you be open to shipping as a package? And what would you be asking? TIA.
  10. I doubt it because that sounds like you're very nearly lugging the engine. I usually upshift anywhere between 3-5k rpms when I'm being civil, but I have no issue taking it to 8k+ in 2nd, 3rd, and ooops already doing 100mph... Lifetime average is 49.7mpg and still climbing.
  11. When I first got my '16 FJ, it started off at 43MPG average. The more I rode it (barely 1k miles so far) that fuel economy average is up to 49MPG. I wouldn't be surprised to see 50 or north of that, but it's not a concern really; just a perk. BTW, 59 imperial MPG is about 49 US MPG, so it appears you're right on the money.
  12. Interesting anecdotes. My riding usually involves some spirited shifting and some scenic backroads cruising. I often get up to near triple-digits in 3rd and 4th, and I still manage an average of 49MPG. My FJ has 4500ish miles, running premium fuel, stock mapping, and Castrol 4T Power in the crankcase.
  13. You can just use some Castrol 4T, M1 4T, or Motul synth moto oil. No need to use Yamaha branded oil. Same with oil filters: use M1 or Bosch filters.
  14. I've found that my Sedici ankle-high riding boots pretty much absorb all of the bad vibes. I may still add this farkle at some point, but it's not high up on the list at all.
  15. I'll be out riding today, from noon and on. Have to take care of work meetings first. If anyone else is out there, today is shaping up to be a carbon copy of yesterday's decent weather. I'll likely be in the Kettle Moraine area, unless someone wants to meet up and ride around elsewhere nearby.
  16. Hello neighbor! I picked up my '16 FJ-09 a few months ago, been enjoying it immensely. We should catch up sometime, there are plenty of nice roads in the Kettle Moraine area to do some scenic rides. Be safe.
  17. Indeed, welcome! You will enjoy your Tracer, that triple is a sweet powerplant.
  18. I've found the 1st gear kerplunk to be much less pronounced over time/miles, but also after every oil change. And once you get going, the gears almost slip themselves in - it's that smooth. I'm enjoying my FJ quite a lot
  19. Glad you're safe! Things can be replaced; people...not so much. Bigger picture thoughts: perhaps moto isn't the safest form of commuting to work in interstates especially. I avoid interstates as much as possible, opting for secondary highways and two-lane roads. That's where the joy of moto comes in. Good luck with getting compensation and/or repairs/replacement moto.
  20. ^^^ Awesome, how does it ride compared to stock? I just changed the oil and filter, went with Castrol 4T Power (full synth) and a Wix filter. Runs and revs smooooooth.
  21. Interesting, thanks for following up. I have a '16 FJ-09 and I think it came with heated grips from the factory, but I'm not sure since I'm the 2nd owner. With the menu buttons near the left hand grip, I can cycle through either the menu views or the heated grip setting (Off, 1, 2, 3). I've ridden in some colder weather this March when I bought the bike, using the heated grips on various settings, but never experienced engine surge of any kind. Definitely would be concerning to feel like you're on a runaway bike almost.
  22. Bought my black '16 FJ-09 with 3800 miles for $7500 OTD. The only extras were the SW Motech engine guards. Prices will only be going up since used inventory is getting low and the riding season is in full swing. Best bet is to buy during off-season. Otherwise, if riding is a must and that's the one you like, go for it.
  23. I petted it, told it "good girl, atta girl" and gently wiped off some garage dust. Too busy to ride, plus driveway is getting new blacktop and I can't run over it for a day or so until it cures.
  24. Thanks for the correction! I’ll adjust it again ASAP.