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  1. I am not sure about the fit. I have the complete set. Cases- mounts - hardware. I can ship, but you have to pay for shipping. i was looking for 500$ obo for the whole set.
  2. Remove the windscreen and try once. If you like it, all you have to do it chop it . Worked for me and many others. Its the same as getting a sport screen by puig or mra
  3. I sold my Tracer 900 and have the Panniers, key and OEM mounts for the Tracer . I'm located in Edison NJ. No damage to them. Just normal (minimal) wear . They are black in color.
  4. Does anyone have the mounting hardware that comes with the GT that they want to sell?
  5. How do I get this in the US? I dont want a top box, but my wife sure would appreciate a back rest. Please guide.
  6. Hey all, I just bought a Tracer 900 last week and Trucked it home from CT. Its a 2019 with 2600 miles - bone stock. I have had many bikes in the past and still have an 18 S1000R, but I wanted a bike that I can tour two up on. I have considered the Tiger 900 for the longest time but never got around to test driving it . I also considered a VFR and a KTM 990 SMT briefly . I almost bought the KTM - but it had a busted shock and a knock in the engine. So dropped out. I rode my friends 15 FJ-09 and liked the riding stance, but his throttle was jammed and it had a wobble at high speeds. Started doing some research on the Tracer and liked it. Found someone selling a 19 Tracer in CT. Although I wanted a GT, I couldn't pass on this deal. I decided to buy it and make improvements as needed. This is my first Sport Tourer. I plan on doing some longer touring starting this year. Canada, North East US are in the cards - God willing. Just started looking for accessorize my bike. Bought a radiator guard as that cant wait. Will slowly add stuff as I go.