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  1. agreed please show pictures once mounted. I have been looking at alternative solutions. I was considering bar end mirrors. They run about 321.00 on RevZilla. 155.00 per mirror, and 5.50 per mirror for the mounting adaptor.
  2. unfortunately I bought my bike Sept 25, just a couple weeks before this bike came up. and my Son lives in Fort collins, Co so it would have been a great fly/ride. Oh well my 2019 is still nicely set up
  3. Actually I forgot about Ktech. The Ktech shop left a voice mail and I forgot to call back. Day job has been BUSY, thanks for the reminder. This assumes I remove the forks and take them to the shop. And I install the rear shock. Only labor is the ~ 250.00 to install the fork kit cartridge. Axxion High End AK20 / Penske-8983 = 2,650.00 KTech high End IDS-20 + 10.0 N Spring rate/ Razor-R 46-180-105 9mm preload= 2,200.00 Ohlins Mid Range Ohlins Street NIX 30 Cartridge Kit FKS504 / YA-223 = 1,800.00 Mid range Axxion Valve upgrade / Penske-8983 = 1,750.00 Mid Range Axxion Valve Upgrade / YA-223 = 1,600.00
  4. so I think I need to manage the budget a little bit. plus as I noted above I am 67 and 50lbs overweight, so while I like to have fun at the track, my knee dragging days are mostly behind me. -) I am thinking the Ohlins NIX cartridge is about 400.00 less than the AK20, and the YA-223 is 150.00 less than the 8983. Might have to consider that option. Will get pricing/options from my local RaceTek shop tomorrow or Friday. Make final decision next week. Take bike in around Dec 17 High End AK20 / Penske-8983 = 2,650.00 Ohlins Mid Range Ohlins Street NIX 30 Cartridge Kit FKS504 / YA-223 = 1,800.00 Mid range Axxion Valve upgrade / Penske-8983 = 1,750.00 Mid Range Axxion Valve Upgrade / YA-223 = 1,600.00 Value based Axxion valve upgrade / YA538 1,300.00
  5. yes after I posted I calculated it 30,000 miles, 2,700.00 is 9 cents a mile 🙂 that is what I will tell my wife, I am only spending 9 cents per mile 👍
  6. so one question. I have a 2019 Tracer GT figure in 3 months it will be 3 model years old, with 20K miles, so probably worth 8K give or take how did you justify (sorry I am a right brain CPA) spending 2,500.00 on a 8k bike. I plan on keeping this bike for another two years, but by then it will be 5 model years old, with 50k miles. the depreciation will be about 100% on the suspension components on the other hand I will have 30k miles of fun, so maybe I just focus on that, and screw the money
  7. I may not have been clear all my options have the following at a minimum Front - rebound and compression Rear - rebound and compression correct spring weights the higher end options have Preload capability
  8. interesting I have found in general Ohlins is about the same as most other brands, Ohlins top shock YA-537 is 1,100.00 the 8983 is 1,100.00 Razor R is 895.00 and Ohlins YA-223 is 935.00. Razor light is 595.00 YA-538 is 650.00 Ohlins Street NIX 30 Cartridge Kit FKS504 is 950.00 + springs, the AK20 kit is 1,500.00 total, so about the same I will look at the razor lite, none of the shops has suggested that shock. thank you
  9. actually I have contacted 5 companies, and all have been great to work with Livengood Cogent Dynamics Traxxion A1 Racing Thermosman Suspension I am very lucky to have 5 great suspension shops that are within driving distances of my house. at 67 years old and to be honest slowing down a little, I am probably going with a YA-538 and the Valve/Spring upgrade. I think for my riding style and pace it will be more than enough. 10 years ago I would have gone full fork kit and top rear shock, but I am not dragging knees anymore and I am fine riding 85% pace now. I will keep everyone updated on my final components and spring weights. And keep in mind, I ride ONE up, with no luggage 90% of the time. thanks
  10. basically I have 4 options High End AK20 / Penske-8983 = 2,650.00 Mid range Axxion Valve upgrade / Penske-8983 = 1,750.00 Mid Range Axxion Valve Upgrade / YA-223 = 1,600.00 Value based Axxion valve upgrade / YA538 1,300.00 I am fine doing my own rear shock work/install, but I will pass on the forks work. I will let the professional do my Forks. Now I will remove the forks myself and just take the forks in and that cuts the Fork labor costs almost in half.
  11. so I have been working with local suspension shop and at this time it looks like I will be doing the following K-Tech Razor-R rear shock K-Tech 20mm IDS cartridge in Front I am installing the rear shock, and I am taking the forks off the bike Total cost out the door, parts, seals, dust cover, oil is about 2,125.00 Once I know the springs used I will post that information as well Setup Mountain/track riding single rider, 225-250lb fully dressed ready to ride assumes no luggage, (most I have is tank bag and passenger seat bag with water, snacks and rain gloves) The few times I ride with full luggage I will just back off the pace. I am building thsi for the 80% riding I do, which is weekend mountain riding and once a month track day. Hoping to make an appointment for Dec 17, they are checking their schedule.
  12. ok thanks, any threads or you tube video's on removing the black panel. basic looking at it, says the silver passenger handles have to come off. but would love some instructions.
  13. my repair manual will be in at end of week. However I am trying to remove the rear side panels. I.e. on my 2019 Tracer GT they are the silver colored panels basically under the driver seat. Are these attached to the black panel, or do they remove separately. I have tried looking at them but cannot seem to figure out the best way to remove these panels. thanks