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  1. Thinking about moving to Scotland just to get farkles and fast delivery...
  2. The EU site is a veritable candy store of accessories for the 2021 but the US site basically has only top cases and the touring windscreen. I have not found any aftermarket sites that have anything yet either and it has been out for a year now. I love the bike but I'm anxious to make some improvements like a more comfortable seat and engine guards. Maybe it is a supply chain issue but it feels like Mamma Yama is treating us like a third world country.😥
  3. Let me know what measurements you need and I will get them to you with pics.
  4. Has anyone tried it on a 2021 GT?
  5. I am on my 2nd LS2 modular. First one was damaged when a deer ran me into a ditch. Chin bar took some impact but did not fail. Previously had a Bilt modular but didn't like the sail effect when in the open face position. I considered a Shoei Neotec modular but still had the sail effect and it was more than I wanted to pay for a helmet. The chin bar and face shield on the LS2 follows the contour of the helmet for smooth airflow when open. It's great to be able to catch some air on those hot summer days or open it up to talk to someone. Add in the drop down sun visor, pin lock and quick release chin strap and this helmet has everything I want. Modulars are inherently noisier than full face but I wear hearing protection anyway.
  6. My 2021 with 1800mi. and enjoying every one of them...
  7. I have about 1600 miles on mine and did the 600 and 1000 mile services myself. No problems here. Keep us posted.
  8. Put Continental Road Attacks on the FJR I had and they transformed the bike. Lots of grip and no scrub in necessary. Put them on and hit the twisties. I plan to put them on my '21 Tracer when the Battlax's wear out.
  9. I agree the motor is fun. Didn't think I would be satisfied after that big bore 4 but, after getting used to living in the higher rev/torque range for speed, it is more than satisfying. I was stationed on a ship out of Bremerton back from '79 to '83. The Puget Sound is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. If I hadn't had family back east I would have stayed there. I envy you riding in that area.
  10. Greetings from North Carolina. I had a deer run me off the road into a ditch on my 2018 FJR in April. The bike was totaled and I injured my knee. I loved that bike. It did everything I asked it to and put a smile on my face everytime I twisted that throttle. Once my knee healed up I started looking for a new one but no one had one on the floor. One salesman suggested I come in and check out the new Tracer GT they had just assembled. I had thought about going lighter but did not want to give up the engine performance and features of the big boy. He went over the features and said he thought I might be impressed with the performance so I took ride up there. I didn't realize how much of a difference 155lbs can make until I took it for a test ride. I am 62 years young with a 30" inseam so balancing and moving that top heavy FJR could be a challenge for me until she got rolling. The Tracer feels like a dirt bike by comparison. Once I got rolling I opened up the throttle bodies a little and that smile came back to me. I took it home 2 days later. I did the 600 mile service myself and put 400 more gentle miles on her for the engine break in. Since then I have logged a few hundred more not so gentle miles enjoying the growl of that CP3 every chance I get to crack the throttle. Looking forward to learning a lot from you guys so thanks in advance!