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  1. Hey that happened to me too (once, only had the bike less than 2 months) and inadvertently I turned the key off and then on a couple of times and it started. No idea of the root cause of this. Never had that issue with my BMW in the 6 years / 57k miles on it. Weird.
  2. Thanks for the input and the tip on the skid plate.
  3. I grumbled at having to spend $1000 for my BMW panniers. I can't see me buying Yamaha lids for $1500 before hell freezes over.😄 I'd rather spend less than that for some really larger capacity luggage. Soft luggage is a cheaper alternative. my 2 cents.
  4. Nice job. Does the windscreen adjuster still work?
  5. Since I bought this bike I have not seen any reviews of the experience with a smaller windscreen. So I took a chance and got one, hoping to recreate my experience with my previous BMW S1000R. It comes close. The video review will drop on my YouTube channel on Sunday. 🙂
  6. If I had to pay that much attention to the chain I'd get rid of the Tracer and stick with shaft drive. I always wondered about the Scottoiler and never installed it because of the continuous oiling approach. Thanks to your message my suspicions have been confirmed and I will stick with my periodic lubrication using a wax-based spray. 🙂 I watch Itchy Boots and On Her Bike on YouTube and I would bet neither one of them pay daily attention to their chains and they are presently riding daily in the African deserts on gravel roads. They simply replace the chain and sprockets when worn out.
  7. Thanks. In the Manual Section 5.8 is for "Overlay Services" and it says it's only for Android. That is what I get for switching over to iOS. Maybe I will have to look for an old Android phone that I can use exclusively on the bike as a GPS and platform for FOBO. 🤔
  8. What is the name of the widget and is it available for iOS / iPhone?
  9. Sounds like you use your Tracer 900 GT much as I intend to. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the feedback on the balancing. With the FOBO all you have to do is fire up the app and if in range it takes a few seconds then updates the pressures. I would think that you have to have it running in the background to be able to get real-time monitoring and warnings for loss of pressure etc ... I doubt that with the app not running in the background, it would push a notification for a loss of pressure. That means that you have to remember to turn it on when heading out.
  11. Thanks for the input as well. Looking maybe at Michelin Anakee Adventure tires (supposedly an 80/20 tire) as a replacement, and they should be better than straight street tires for light offroad.
  12. Excellent ... thanks for the comments and sharing pictures of the conditions in which you rode. Good point on the suspension travel on those roads. Speeds sound fine for me for what I might want to do. Did you make any adjustments to the suspension or tire pressures beforehand? Looks like stock road tires, so maybe Michelin Anakee Adventure tires would make a difference ...?
  13. Thanks for reporting on the balancing of this significant added mass eccentrically on the wheel. I am not surprised that the front would take more weights than the read as its effect would be greater. My bike only has 3000 miles on it (bought at 2600 miles) and the tires (especially the front) look pretty new so I may have a while to wait before installing the T-valves, but I will go ahead and order them so that I have them in case of a sudden need to install new tires. I installed the FOBO Bike 2 kit yesterday and am very pleased so far.
  14. How did it perform on those roads? It is not really an adventure bike but I guess if the surface is not too bad it should handle it well ... care to comment? I bought mine with the intention of occasionally taking it off road, but since I'm more of a street rider, those instances are expected to be occasional ...
  15. I think that it is there to protect your fingers as you reach down into the hole to move the rider's seat release lever. Mine is missing as well. The fact that it apparently falls off and sprouts legs is a poor reflection on build quality given that Yamaha had the good presence of mind to put it there in the first place. It is MOLD, SEAT (34B-24785-00-00) and is $2.35 on Partzilla which charges a ridiculous amount for shipping, so I will pass on that and get it from my local Yamaha dealer, if I get it at all.