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  1. I have heard "reasons" to not wave at others. I wave at anyone on 2,3 or open cage 4 wheels. There will always be those who don't return a wave, that is who they are. That doesn't keep me from fixing a tire, or throwing in my spare fuel can to some poor riders bike when they are in need, because that is who I am. That being said, here in south west Colorado, a greeting of some kind is the norm.
  2. New to the forum, obviously. My first non-sport bike, is a new 2019 Tracer 900. Had it about 3 weeks now. Not a lot of mods in mind for her at the moment, made a set of backing plates that attach to the stock mounting holes for a set of soft bags to rest on. My case protectors came in today, nothing fancy, just bolt on to the engine covers. I am new to using any forums, so if I screw up somewhere, sorry in advance. Like I said, had her 3 weeks and 1000+ mile so far, seat adjustment was set at full high, dropped it to full low, fits quite nicely for me 5'6". Loving the power so far, honestly, no complaints at all about the bike. My local Yamaha Dealer, well, lets just go with I will go the 75 miles to another dealer for any work after my experience this week with them. The wife and I did a 300 mile two up day trip, both happy with the comfort level and ride of the bike, suspension and power great for two up, that was Colorado 7-9,000 ft elevation. No need to downshift for passing lane usage, dropped to 4th for the 2lane passing.