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  1. I ended up removing the exhaust as I wanted to see how that would go as I plan on replacing the OEM one soon anyways. It made it really simple to get to the lower link hardware which obviously made it incredibly easy after that with the linkage free to rotate. K-Tech is in, now I gotta do the Andreani cartridges.
  2. That's interesting that my 16' had this issue. I just removed the exhaust and reinstalled the center stand and I could get to the link hardware from the bottom. Once the lower link was disconnected, I could rotate the bottom of the shock upwards enough to disconnect it. K-Tech is installed, and now I just need to do my Andreani cartridges.
  3. I'll try this prior to the removal of the exhaust for sure, thank you!
  4. 16' FJ. Has anyone had any trouble getting the lower shock hardware exposed enough above the swingarm to remove the OEM shock? Of note, I'm using the method of disconnect the top, keep rear elevated until you can reach the rear hardware. Or at least trying to. Mine will not come up far enough and its looking like I need to remove the exhaust so I can disconnect the arms. Just surprised that so many others have done it, and mine will not seem to work. Seems like the top of the shock is physically reaching it limit of travel when I lift the rear wheel.
  5. Did anyone have any trouble with getting to the bottom bolt when removing the OEM shock? I went to lift the wheel after disconnecting the shock's upper hardware, and no matter how I manipulate the shock, the top of it always comes into contact and stops before the lower hardware is exposed enough for me to get a socket and extension on there.