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  1. My 20 year old, two piece RoadCrafter is fine for Spring and Fall, but it will cook you in the southeastern summers and freeze you in the winter. It is water resistant, not water proof. It leaks at the crotch no matter how much seam sealer I use. About once a year, I wash it and spray it down with heavy duty Scotchguard . To shed water, my old Frogg Toggs are much more reliable. For winter, I use heated gear with my old and excellent Tourmaster jacket/pants and layer accordingly. Summer, vented and armored First Gear jacket and JR pants. Almost all of the riding gear and accessories that I own I have obtained used and as new from forums and /or eBay at significant savings,
  2. Pic is a month old. I have since added an Ermax tall screen, and a RAM mount for my old school GPS.
  3. I spray mine down with WD-40 after each use, wrap it in a shop towel, and store it in a cardboard box with bubble wrap.
  4. Been using these for many years, and am a big fan. They are very strong and keep constant tension on your load. For tying down soft luggage, or nearly anything else to your bike, they are superior to anything I have ever used, and that covers over 40 years of motorcycle travel. This past Friday, I was strapping down my soft duffel to my Tracer, and noticed that the elastic had pulled away from the buckle end of two of my (over 12 year old) 60" straps; the nylon was intact, and appeared to be strong, but I used another, newer pair that I had instead. On return from my trip, I contacted the company, explained what was going on, and they are sending me a brand new pair! When they say lifetime guarantee, they mean it. ROK Straps
  5. Like most things, I have figured out the hard way re: mounting tires. Technique, heat and lube are your friends. When mounting, or dismounting, keeping the bead down into the wheel channel is rule #1. There are several tools available to help with this, I use the NoMar "Yellow Thing". Get a strap and go through the wheel and tie to the changer, to keep the wheel from spinning while working the tire on or off. Bridgestones are by far the most difficult tires to work with. Bias ply touring tires are very difficult due to their very stiff sidewalls. Michelin/Pirelli/Metzlers radials are all relatively easy. My setup is the old style HF tire changer, with Mojo Blocks installed. The HF changer is a direct copy of the much more expensive Wikco changer. I use their tire bar from which the Mojo bar is copied. I know the folks at Wikco are bound to be pissed that their excellent products are being copied. I feel kinda guilty about using the HF changer, but it has served me well for over 20 years and hundreds of tires. My balancer is a Marc Parnes, excellent tool. I also have an old Coleman compressor that is 5hp, 20 gallon, loud as hell but gets the job done.
  6. Probably does not make a lot of difference, but you have terminals #30 and #87 reversed on your relay diagram. #30 is fused (+) 12v in, #87 is switched 12v, high amp, out. Also, your relay should ideally be diode protected between terminals #85 and #86 to eliminate voltage spikes back into your bike's sensitive electrical system. I run #87 to a small fuse box to allow for multiple switched, fused outputs i.e.: heated gear, heated seat, loud horn, gps, whatever.
  7. Hello,

    Hello. I am new to the group; just got rid of my 2003 Honda ST1300 ABS with 103k miles on it and bought a new Tracer 9 GT.

    66 years old, retired, single, two grown sons and a rescue pit bull.

    Been riding off and on since 1966, continuously since 1989. Here. is my current stable.


    2011 Kawasaki KLR 650 small.jpg

    2012 Ducati Monster 1100 evo small.jpg

    2017 HD Roadglide Special small.jpg

    2021 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT 2 small.jpg

    1. betoney


      Welcome to the group.  Very nice, diverse collection of bikes there.  Due to supply shortages there are not very many Tracer 9 owners on here yet.  Enjoy the new bike!

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      Welcome to the forum.