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  1. Another cheap and easy option is to simply wrap an overgrip for tennis racquets over the stock grips. I have wrapped black Wilson overgrips on my grips and it makes them a bit bigger and softer, just what I was looking for. Works great with heated grips too.
  2. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee139/jgalloway47586/Resized_20160608_182755.jpeg http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee139/jgalloway47586/Resized_20160608_182600.jpeg The clutch cable is the only one that required re-routing. It comes stock routed over the clamp and then down between the forks. You just have to route it straight up behind the forks between the clamp and the tank. Nothing else is moved. There is enough adjustment in the throttle cable on the adjustment screw to give it the slack it needs. If you install these, MAKE SURE YOU ADJUST THE THROTTLE CABLE BEFORE RIDING. It will fit without adjusting it, but if you give it throttle with the bars turned all the way to the right, it won't release until you straighten the bars. That could be a bad day. Perfect, very helpful, thanks!
  3. Would be great if you could take some pics of the routed cables, thanks!
  4. I have the same exhaust, it would be much appreciated if you could explain a bit more detailed how you did to get the catalytic honeycomb out.
  5. Anyone know if the hand guard displacer, that seems necessary, works with the led knuckleguard kit?
  6. I am using the Oxford premium touring heated grips, work great! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Oxford-Products-OF691-Heated-Grips/dp/B009T4J4Y6 Also added black Wilson overgrips for tennis racquets on each grip to make them a little softer and bigger. A great combo IMO.
  7. My flashed ECU arrived to Sweden from Nels today and after a two hour ride I could not be more satisfied. The throttle is super smooth, much reduced engine braking and the bike just feels and performs a lot better. To all European riders, shipping is fast and Nels service is excellent, you won't regret it, by far the best mod so far.
  8. peder

    Ixil exhaust

    Looks great! Mine is on the way, can't wait! Anything you would highlight regarding removing the stock exhaust or installing the ixil that would be good to know for a beginner?
  9. No, worked fine and I have them at the maximum setting. In fact you can even add extra washers and rise them a bit more, about an extra 1.5 cm with the existing cables.
  10. peder

    Ixil exhaust

    don't bother, just get the ECU flashed by @2wheeldynoworks Thanks, will the flashed ecu work with all exhausts or do you need to specify which one you will use when sending it?
  11. peder

    Ixil exhaust

    This exhaust looks great, perfect match! One question though before pulling the trigger. When I spoke to my local dealer he believed I would also need the Power Commander V to match a new exhaust with the bike. Does anyone know how this works? Will I get improved sound and looks with the new exhaust but need the commander in order to get the increased performance?
  12. I was never a fan of the stock seat and found the the replacements quite expensive, so I gave an upgrade to the stock a chance, and very glad I did. I went to my local store for horse riding equipment and bought a gel pad for a horse saddle. Pic in the link. http://www.hooks.se/produkt/gelpad/48152/48153/ The cover from the front seat is easily removed by attacking the staples with a screwdriver and a flat head plier. When removed, place the gel pad on the foam and use a scissor to cut the edges so it matches the seat, and then put the cover back on by using a staples gun. Result: the seat is much more comfy now! Best 35 bucks I have spent on the bike so far.
  13. Help needed! I have just the last part of the installation left and I'm lost. How and to where do I connect the wires to the bike to get power?
  14. Thanks for the tip regarding this kit, perfect for the tracer! I am considering ordering the led stop lights: http://www.accessorimotostore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1537_760_4726&products_id=16502 However, at the moment it's easy and convenient to take the box on/off, will that change with the lights installed..?