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  1. Padding added to raise height 1 1/4 inches gel was added for comfort . I ordered Cleggs shims.
  2. What changes did you make? Can you explain, with pics?
  3. I could not get used to the aggressive slope forward of the 9 gt seat. I had Motorcycle Upholstery in California modify it for me. Not perfect, but a definite improvement. The issue is the seat pan, not the seat padding, which is minimal. Motorcycle Upholstery placed more foam and Gel inside the seat and it is definitely more comfortable. However, I still find pushing myself back into the seat which tries to make you slide into the tank. As you see in the photos, I added padding to lift the seat higher as I have a 36 inch inseam. Again, not perfect, but until the aftermarket catches up, this is a great improvement over stock. Motorcycleupholstery.com. ask for Jaycee
  4. Update on the Madstad. They replied and stated they have a 2021 tracer 9 gt to work on and anticipate end of December or early January for a windshield specific to our bike.
  5. Madstad does not make a screen for the 2021 tracer 9 gt. I sent a request for when they will have one available.
  6. The Shad Rack is also out of stock. The topcases are available from Shad, Yamaha and Givi but unable to find racks for any of them.
  7. Did you also look at the Givi topcase? Does the top case work well with the side bags? I see the top case on Yamaha's site and on Revzilla, however the needed rack is out of stock.
  8. I see it on the eu site. I had to put in my country as U.K. Too bad I can’t order it. On the US site it’s not there. Let me know if you put them on and how the risers work.
  9. Yes. I believe you are right.
  10. Thank you. However, part number does not come up and site still does not list for the 2021tracer 9 gt
  11. Kenny A: I don’t see them listed on the Yamaha motor sports site. can you send a link?
  12. Anyone with the 9 gt put on bar risers? Any issues with cable length?