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  1. Yes I did the lap. I was on the tracer, hi viz full face helmet and, I believe, a short sleeve shirt. I was ahead of this group. One of my buds is the “large guy” in red shirt and gold HONDA CB350 in the apex of the curve
  2. I DID get to meet Mary. She was presents at the VJMC AWARDS table. I’m a member of the VJMC and had a bike in the show(took 3rd) and she was presenting the trophy’s
  3. First thing I did to mine was install a set of LED running lights to improve MY visibility to all the cages. That little low beam is good at night but too small (in my opinion) to gather much attention. Mounted low. Very effective . also put the black reflective vinyl on the saddle bags. Reflects headlights very well. then I installed a secondary fuse block to handle the connections for the battery tender, GPS, Driving lights, and power supply and controller for heated riding gear. (I tend to ride all seasons minus snow ice)
  4. Thanks Warchild. I loved my FJR. it’s the one I rode in the Iron Butt 50cc challenge . Coast to coast in 43 hrs 17 min. In never let me down. Went to the RT for my pillion comfort. She gave it up , RT had over 100 miles on it. Time for a new one anyway.
  5. Actually not new rider, as I’m 80 years old and have been actively riding since I was 22 years old. raced 100 mi enduros, then at age 50; changed to LD touring and endurance riding. Bikes of choice have been the 03 FJR, THEN TO THE BMW R1200RT. Switched to the 21 Tracer looking for something lighter, smaller than the RT. Only about 1500 miles on it so far, longest ride was to the Vintage days at Barber and back, about 800 miles. Love it so far, in general. Don’t love the dash. Too much busy stuff. Who needs 13 options for heated grips. and the accessory plug in only has a 2 amp fuse???? any way , hope to gain some insight and knowledge from the group. I’ll be doing all my own service, so always anxious to learn from others