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  1. Just a number man. Keep up the good work! Have you replaced any suspension components yet?
  2. That's awesome. Any thoughts on trading the bike off, or are you going to run it to 200k plus? Did I read somewhere that you've only required 2 slight valve adjustments in all those miles? Thanks!
  3. I've never seen T6 15w40 before, but I'm in Canada. Is that new?
  4. Do the Road 5's typically last a lot longer than Roadsmart 3's?
  5. Thanks. Are you using T6 or the 15w40?
  6. I've seen as high as 60mpg (US) when going "easy" on back roads, so that could get you 250 miles on a tank, but that is probably about the limit. As others have said mileage can fluctuate quite a bit depending on load, wind, and how hard you're pushing it.
  7. I'm afraid I fit into this category as well. When the time comes I'll get someone who knows what they are doing to check and adjust if necessary.
  8. That might be because the 5w40 has more of a tendency to shear. Thanks.
  9. Correct. I did a search on google and didn't find much related to using 15w40 in the FJ. Seems like most guys are using 5w40. Mainly wondering if guys are comfortable running the heavier weight oil and non-synthetic oil (when the engine/transmission is cold).
  10. Thanks! I'm not near the bike nor the manual unfortunately. The temp range would be fine, but does it really say to avoid using diesel oils? Rotella is definitely a "diesel" oil, but is motorcycle rated. I believe the spec Yamaha requires and that Rotella 15w40 has is JASO MA.
  11. Just fyi - Checked over on the FZ forum. Seems as though some have checked early and found no problem and others have found tight exhaust valves. Some have checked at 25k and found them ok to slightly tight, but have left as is and will inspect again later. And then there are some that are quite tight by 25k. I think I'll inspect early when the time comes.
  12. Yes, another oil thread......... Anyone use it in the FJ in the summer? The grade is fine for summer temps and it is JASO MA. I know a lot of people seem to run both Rotella 15w40 and 5w40 synthetic in various motorcycles with good results. I believe I have read that the 15w40 (non-synthetic) is actually more shear stable than the 5w40. Bikes would shear oil more due sharing engine/transmission oil. Both oils are pretty cost effective compared to motorcycle specific oils and both are meant for heavy duty (diesel) applications. With 15w40 carrying the JASO certification (not sure about 5w40) it seems like a no-brainer. Thoughts?
  13. I know that Yamaha recommends 25k miles, but it seems like everyone's exhaust valves are tight by then. And it sounds like a couple of people have experienced related issues. My mileage is only 5k, but I am thinking about checking well in advance of recommended (say maybe 15k or so) Has anyone checked earlier than recommended? If so, when and what did you find? Thanks.