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Found 2 results

  1. I seem to remember a post or two about people having issues with the cc but I did a search and can't find any. Something happened to mine. Worked fine until today. Checked to see if the brakes were stuck and that's not it. The cruise light switches on but won't activate when I try to set it. I've had the brake switch recall done already also. Anything else simple to try? Or am I looking at a trip to the dealer?
  2. I purchased a 2021 Tracer 9GT in Sept 2021 and this has been an issue since I have owned the bike. When using the cruise control the decel button does not always works correctly. With the CC turned on I get up to speed and hit the set button, and the bike stays at that speed. If I am gaining on someone and hit the decel button one of 3 things happen: - - Nothing, no change in speed - - It slows 1 mph (is supposed to be 2 mph per the manual) - - It correctly slows 2 mph When I hit the decel a second time, it works correctly and drops 2 mph. It does this in any gear. This also happens after I hit resume. I am curious if any others have noticed this? I have an appt with the dealer to look at it.