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Found 3 results

  1. There isn't much out there, especially for the Tracer 900 and GT to mount a GPS (or whatever) above the instruments, that is in your line of sight. I hate looking down at the handlebars to read the GPS. After a lot of googling, I decided to build a GPS mount that would suit that need and not interfere with the windshield adjustment, be rigid enough to not shake all over the place and be light. Tired of accessories that add tons of weight. This one uses a pretty standard .5 inch cross bar that many GPS holders will clamp to. I am also working with a local machine shop to build a very nice mount that has standard APMs pattern for either horizontal or vertical mounting. Exploring having the mount made in 6160 as well as delrin. Here are a couple of shots of the first prototype in the white. The twist creates a lot of rigidity. Will report back how it is with 9.5 oz of Zumo 660 hanging on it. Structure above weighs 6 oz. It retains the stock rubber well nuts and nylon screws. Rob
  2. I have a perfectly functional early model Tom Tom Rider that I have no further use for and am wondering if anyone is interested in taking it off my hands here in Aus? It comes with a RAM mount attached to the power supply head unit that is wired for a 12V cigarette lighter plug (used it on my Tracer). This could be re-wired to be hard-wired if so inclined/skilled. Also included is a keyed locking system that prevents/deters would be thieves from removing it from your bike. Like me, it is getting long in the tooth but also like me, has some life left in it yet. 😉 If you're interested, PM me for further info and to make me an offer I can't refuse! 🙂
  3. If you were holding off on a rider 550 purchase because, like me, you thought they were just too expensive, then this 40% off offer might be worth checking out. I've put an order in for my own Chrissy present. 🙂