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Found 1 result

  1. I've developed a medical issue that is ending my riding career. 😭😡 To that end, I'd love for all of my gear (most of it only a few months old) should go to someone who can enjoy it more than I can so that it will not go to waste sitting in the closet. I'd love to sell all of it to one person, but understand that that might not be the case. I am in NO RUSH to sell this, and I'm offering an amazing deal on some nearly new gear. Please consider that before lowballing me. PM me if you have any questions. Payment via PayPal, shipping anywhere CONUS. Shipping will need to be ground for the Street Vest due to the lithium battery pack built into it. Note: Alpinestars gear runs small - usually you have to go 1-2 sizes up from what you'd wear for normal street or everyday wear. For reference - I wear an XL T-shirt comfortably... but the jackets and whatnot below are 3XL, primarily for sleeve length & torso width. I'm 6'4", 250lbs, 36-38 waist. The Revenant Jacket was ordered as a 4XL for extra sleeve length that really matters in the winter months. Alpinestars Tech Air Street Vest, 3XL - $600 [MSRP: $1149.95] This is the core of the system, the airbag itself. This has to be charged via USB, but the charge will last over a week. To note - this airbag has been deployed in a minor (sub 25mph) accident, but has been reset, & rearmed by Alpinestars factory tech, and has been used since that reset. This airbag is just over a year old, received October of 2018. It's been used for about 6 months total since then, daily commuting. I have been down while wearing this vest, (vest was undamaged) and it works as advertised. It inflates super fast, protecting your chest & back. Link to photo gallery of Vest & other equipment currently for sale. Alpinestars Revenant Jacket & Pants (sold as set) Jacket: 4XL, Pants 3XL - $1100 [MSRP Jacket: $949.95, Pants: $649.95] This was supposed to be my lifetime winter / fall / cold weather gear. I previously had the Drystar version of this set, the Andes Pro v2 (which is significantly cheaper), but did not like how the drystar fabric was not breathable. The Revenant set, when paired with the Tech Air Street vest is an amazing piece of kit. It's comfortable (for me) by itself down to the 40's, and all the way up to the 80's with the extensive vents wide open. It's got everything you'd want from an adventure / touring jacket. Colder, and you can just layer. This jacket does not have a built in winter liner, but i can provide one for you at little to no cost - see below. This jacket was purchased at the end of the winter 2019, early March. It was only worn for about two month - maybe 20 times total, before I switched to the Tailwind Air jacket mid April (see below) once it started to get warmer in NorCal. It's in like new condition, never down, never scratched, never even in the rain. The pants that go along with the jacket are as advertised, and just as good as the jacket. They were purchased and worn for the same time period. Both the jacket and pants are so new that the Gore-tex is still a little bit stiff. 🤣 Jacket is designed to be paired with the Tech Air Street Vest, above. Alpinestars Tailwind Air Jacket Black, 3XL- $250 [MSRP: $399.95] Summer & Hot weather kit. If you're rocking the Tech Air Street Vest - this the best thing that you can wear in the summer. The venting (especially in the chest areas) is awesome, and while moving will keep you cool. This jacket comes with an inner rain liner as well, which has never been worn. This jacket was received in May, 2019 and was worn until July 31, commuting 3-4 days a week. The jacket is still in like new condition, I hate to see it go. My loss, your gain. Jacket is designed to be paired with the Tech Air Street Vest, above. (sorry blurry photo) (rain liner for Tailwind) Winter Liners from Andes Pro Jacket & Pants (both 3XL) - $50 These liners should attach into any similar sized Alpinestars jacket / pants, through the little loops inside of the related item. The jacket & pants these were from were involved in a crash, and are not usable any longer. Should fit (will confirm) in either of the jackets above.