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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, A month ago I got my new tracer 9 GT, didn’t had to do the recall throttle problem because it’s all ready been updated at the factory. I’ve noticed a strange Feeling when I’m in 4th, 3rd and 2nd gear, when I’m slowing down, I feel like a kick in the engine. It’s like you are driving in automatic robotic gear and the gears shift automatically and you decrease the speed you can feel the shifting and it tilts you. A very strange behavior of the gear/engine. The ride isn’t smooth but only if you are slowing down, around 5k to 3k RPM does anyone has that kind of issue?
  2. Been on the hunt for a new bike after my 2015 FJ09 got a hole in the engine; on a whim I called all the dealers within 250mi radius yesterday and asked for OTD prices on their 2021 Tracer 9 GTs. One dealer roughly 160mi from me gave me an awesome $15,295.xx OTD price ($13,899 for the bike) so I went and picked it up today. Remember I'm coming from a 2015 FJ09 so some of the below improvements may have happened on the 2018-20 GT models. These are my first impressions with about 40min of interstate riding (75mph), 2 hours of state-route riding (wide sweeping turns and 55mph straights, 20min of that in a thunderstorm), and 30min of twisties in one sitting: Engine & Throttle Power comes online a bit lower in the rev range than my 2015 so I'd call it more "useable". This does not come at the cost of the top-end at all, it is up on power across the board and it is noticeable but only in a nuanced way. I didn't notice any jerkiness riding in mode 2... which I think is the equivalent of "standard" on the FJ. Engine braking is strong, it caught me off-guard the first few times. Windscreen Still sucks, either have it all the way down and and it's loud but clean air. Or have it all the way up and give yourself a neck workout from buffeting, but quieter. I'm 5"10 and lean a little bit into the wind. Vibrations Nearly completely gone from the foot-pegs, handlebar vibes are much reduced but it seems like they were just moved to the brake and clutch levers. Seat Much better, I was surprised this was such a big improvement: flatter, and much wider. When I noticed a hot spot on one side of my rear I shifted my weight for about 10 seconds and went back to normal and was comfortable again. Brakes I think these needs to be worn-in, they're really bad until about the 130mi mark when I noticed them start having bite. Suspension This is the big one. I had my doubts that a semi-active suspension would be adequate, especially coming from my '15 FJ09 Ohlins setup. I cannot stress enough how good the suspension is. I had it in mode 2 - "road" mode and the best way I can explain it is that it smooths out all but the largest of bumps without losing any feeling or adding pogo. I can pay it what I consider the highest compliment: I never had to think about it, I started to forget that it was there. I'm 170lbs for reference. Mode 1 tightens everything up and seems like it'd be great for aggressive riding but I'll have to test that further. Quick Shifter Has auto-blipper for downshifts. It's good! I don't have another point of reference but upshifts are lightning fast and smooth, downshifts take a firmer foot press but is equally smooth in how it blips the engine and shifts. The firmer foot press requirement makes it a little "clunky" to interact with, but the execution is flawless. There are two arrows on the digital dash that light up when you can use the quick shifter, one for up and one for down. The QS does not let you down shift unless you are off of the throttle. Electronics Cruise control is very intuitive; works perfectly and like a car's. The bike feels like it turns in "on its own". This is due to the traction, slide, and lift control systems of the IMU; TCS measures rear wheel slip, SCS measures lean angle, and LIF measures front wheel lift to keep you going through a corner as fast as possible. These are adjustable from levels 1-3 with 1 being least amount of intervention; I rode on 2 for today. ABS works fine, I found it a little less intrusive than my FJ09 but maybe that's because the brakes suck until worn-in. I kept in BC1 which doesn't have cornering ABS; will test BC2 on a more aggressive riding day. Misc. The silver paint is a deep silver, and the blue on the wheels are kind of a satin finish. I liked the red better in pictures but once I saw both in person the liquid silver and blue stole my heart. Passenger seat is big, also max payload has increased over the previous chassis so 2-up touring should be more manageable. The seat is also flat with the grab handles which served as a large even surface to set down my backpack to change into rain gear when the storm hit. Storage compartment under passenger seat is much larger than the FJ09. Digital screen has a lot of glare, max brightness isn't bright enough and combined with a weird angle it's hard to read. Needs more testing: Heated grips, tires, fuel economy. All in all I'm happy to the extent that I'm ashamed I ever considered buying a different bike; got my deposit back from the 2020 BMR r 1250 r. If you're rocking a 2015-2017 model year FJ09/Tracer without any updates added to it like the slipper clutch, cruise control, suspension, or need more passenger room I think it's worth an upgrade. Cheers, J