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Slow speed grind

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Hello all

I have FJ09 2015 with 30000km and have problem that I think showed up after shop change my  plugs but maybe was just coincidence. Riding in slow speed only with throttle open I feel some hesitation/ friction almost grinding which I don’t feel on higher speed but again maybe it is there but not noticeable.

Took it to mechanic, he felt it but didn’t know what it is so instead of leaving bike there decided to try myself. I read about sensors cleaning, ECU pins anything connected with similar symptoms. Before I sterted checking sensors, plugs, valves is there anything else you suggest me checking?

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57 minutes ago, kilo3 said:

Gear dependant? How slow we talking?


but only with throttle open when I go downhill without it nothing happens so it is not tires no chain no sprockets it something with throttle gas air plugs

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